Talking about puberty with your kids isn’t always the easiest. We are often worried we aren’t covering enough, or too much. Then finding tools that cover things in depth in a way your tweens and teens can relate too is another trick. Thankfully I found something perfect to help guide you and your kids through this ever evolving time. You-ology has to be the most thorough and in depth book I have seen about all things teen.

This book isn’t just great as a guide to help parents talk to their kids, it is also a great source for kids looking for information and who may not be getting it from a parental figure. Not all kids get “the talk” and giving them access to information is so important, and this book covers more than just body stuff.

You-ology does an incredible job at touching on topics all teens deal with and not many parents understand. There is a whole section on cyberbullying, LGBTQ issues, relationships and everything in between and a few more things you didn’t think about talking about with your kids.


You-ology, a new sort of puberty guide, takes an inclusive approach that normalizes puberty for all youth. Traditional puberty education merely leads to a sense of isolation by failing to incorporate all children’s puberty experiences and leaving them with doubts about how puberty would effect their peers and classmates.

You-ology provides fact-based, age-appropriate, and body-positive information about the physical, social, and emotional changes that await all children. For interested kids and parents wishing to talk about puberty in an inclusive way this makes the whole experience lighthearted but deeply educational.
Colorful graphics keep the tone light and entertaining, while short stories with a wide cast of people provide relatability and humour. Aiding children in understanding what EVERYBODY goes through during puberty fosters better compassion and empathy for everybody.

This amazing book will be available April 19th, 2022 but you can PRE ORDER NOW to make sure you get your hands on it for your teens!

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