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I was recently invited to spend a wonderful day at the Wellness Show this year and while I was there I met amazing vegan cheese companies from right here in B.C. Cheeses soo good that I could barely agree that they were completely vegan. Cheese is life in my house and there is not one cheese on this list that I didn’t LOVE, by love I mean happily eat it all in one sitting.

Blue Heron

Born right here on the west coast of B.C. this amazing plant based cheese company. Created by the brilliant mind of Karen who got her start in plant-based cheesemaking while working as the executive chef at Vancouver’s vegan eatery Graze. She began experimenting and studying there, employing her scientific and research-based approach to produce a plant-based cheese for the restaurant. She created this amazing company that produces legit some of the best cheeses I have ever put in my mouth; three of which I got to taste test at this years Wellness Show.

Herb & Garlic

Their Herb and Cheese is created to be creamy perfection: ideal for bagels or crumbled onto salads. Made using cashews, herbs, garlic, and marigold it is a buttery treat that you HAVE to try. Serve this on your next charcuterie and I bet not one person will even know it was a vegan cheese. It is so creamy on the pallet it feels so indulgent and delicious.

Le Bleuet Cumulus

I am not normally one that likes blueberries in any capacity but I fell in love with this cheese. Their le Bleuet is made using coconut cream, blueberries and chickpea protein and it will definitely blow your mind. Suggested uses are for fresh vs. hot dishes and it would be a lovely addition to any meal or salad with strawberries; your options are endless with this delightful treat. I can’t speak more highly of their creations and I can’t wait to play a bit more with this cheese in the future.

The Crown

This cheese has a well deserved name cause The Crown is definitely vegan cheese royalty when it comes to incredible taste. Made with cashews, morita peppers, sundried tomato, and Mexican oregano this cheese is perfect for your savory meals. Think Elote recipes with this beautiful smoky cheese or paired with your favorite beer! It is way too good and perfect for sharing during taco night with friends and family.

vegan cheese

The Very Good Cheese Co.

This amazing company is a brilliant branch off from The Very Good Butchers who are also local and plant based. Not only do they have an incredible line of sausages that I fell for but their cheese they featured was soooo good. This amazing company prides themselves on not being overly processed like so many meat alternative companies. They strive to be bean butchers, creating an ethical product with incredible taste!

Goud AF

This gouda styled cheese definitely lives up to the name and is Goud AF indeed. It has a deep, smokey flavour with a delicate note of spice. making it perfect to use to season burgers, grilled vegetables, and baked potatoes. It is creamy and rich making it a great way to highlight any part of your meal. Made with cashews, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, organic chickpea miso, natural smoke, onions and chipotle powder. Definitely a must try and a great thing to pair with their amazing “sausage” options!

Honestly I can’t stop thinking about all these cheeses. They were so good and I can’t wait to enjoy them and maybe even experiment with them a little in the kitchen. If you have tried or give these a try definitely let me know what you think of them!


  1. I love a good vegan cheese! They’re hard to find! I need to try Goud AF just because of the name.

  2. I don’t think I realized there even was Vegan cheese- interesting!

  3. Wasn’t it amazing how there were so many vegan options at the show? And all those different flavors!

  4. Goud AF just for the name alone I’m getting it!

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