BC Ferries Connector

As a car free family getting to the local islands off our coast can be quite the challenge sometimes. Usually we are bartering friends for rides and when you have two kids to add into your travels things get a little trickier… especially when one commonly gets motion sickness on long transit rides. For our family it is quite the juggle which is why we enlisted the help of BC Ferries Connector, operated by the Wilson’s Group, to help our family get from Vancouver to Victoria and back.

BC Ferries Connector, operated by the Wilson’s Group, has been helping local travelers and even commuters get to and from the mainland and islands for years. They even have inland trips that can take you up to Whistler and all the way out to Kelowna giving you a nice full range BC and all our natural beauty. Picking you up from historic Pacific Central in Vancouver they make it super easy and mindless so all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the views.

Being on the BC Ferries Connector you never miss a sailing and you usually get on pretty quickly compared to other boarding passengers giving you a shorter wait for food if you are getting meals on board the Ferry. For those of you wanting to hitch a ride from the ferry and into Victoria you can easily purchase a ticket on board for nice and cheap to get you into the downtown core.

BC Ferries Connector

Knowing you have a really care free ride you have a lot of time to sit back and really enjoy the whole experience with your family. For my youngest this was the first ferry ride he has ever been on and for all the boys this was their first time heading to Victoria. It was going to be super special and the views getting there and back were even more spectacular.

On our trip back we were even lucky enough to experience something that usually only happens once in a lifetime. I say that being a Vancouverite who loves to travel on our ferries – never once have I ever, before this last trip, seen an Orca. This trip all of us did though, it was a perfect day, gorgeous sunshine and all the stars aligned while angels sang and this Orca swam past us.

We were so lucky and it truly made our trip with BC Ferries Connector that much more special for our family. They made our trip super simple, so comfortable my youngest slept the whole way and didn’t even feel sick once. It was a perfect way to get from A to B for our first family trip to Victoria.

If you are planning a trip to the islands, Whistler or Kelowna; BC Ferries Connector, operated by Wilson’s Group, is the perfect choice for getting you there with ease and comfort the whole way.

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