Vancouver Christmas Market

Every year our family looks forward to checking out the Vancouver Christmas Market that arrives at Jack Poole Plaza every year! There is never a shortage of things to see or things to eat and drink which makes it the perfect way to inspire that Christmas spirit.

This year they are filled with incredible things and way more than the last couple of years too which I know were hard during COVID. They are back at it though and stronger than ever with amazing ways to get you and your whole family excited for the holiday season. After going a couple times I am excited to share with you what some of my families favorite parts this year.

Best Bites To Eat

Soup Haus is always a must do stop for me, especially if its a cold of rainy day at the market. Not only is their mushroom soup some of the most amazing I have ever tasted, they’ve added a new one this year. French onion soup is their latest addition to their line up and it is sooo good. With the huge piece of crusty bread on top their portion is just HUGE. This is the perfect bowl of soup for sharing, cause you definitely don’t want to fill up right away, there are so many delicious things to try!

Bratwurst Haus is another must eat at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Get it with a nice scoop of their hot sauerkraut and a squeeze of mustard and you will be in German food heaven. I can’t leave the market without having had one, they are my top 3 MUST EAT when you visit.

Das Gulasch Haus another great spot of a big bread bowl filled with Gulasch it is perfect for any Gulasch lovers. I honestly can never make the stuff and being able to get some at the market is great way to feed that craving. Being able to eat the bowl after is a huge bonus of course. They were even Voted Best Savoury Food at the Vancouver Christmas Market 2016 (Georgia Straight).

Pearl Perogies if you are a lover of authentic recipes and local ingredients then Pearls Perogies are going to be one of your favorite stops. They are all natural with not additives and all BC grown produce making them also one of the greener choices to eat at the market. I mean what more could you want from a perogy?

Cheese Me Raclette is a have to stop if you are with someone who adores cheese more than any other food. With the melty gooey cheese poured over top of potatoes and sausage and onions and a gherkin on the side. These are the BEST potatoes you’ll ever have and the cheese is melted to pure perfection. You wont want to leave without having a taste of these cheesy bits of heaven.

Best Stops For Shopping

Maple Rush is a great stop if you are looking for the most Canadian gift you can find. Being an artisan sugar blender with a French Canadian heritage it was only natural to showcase their love for their French Canadian roots. With so many varieties of syrups, including birch, you are bound to find one that would make the perfect Canadian gift.

OYTC Cosmetics is an inspirational Indigenous Vancouver-based, LGBTQ2+-owned and operated company committed to delivering ethical, cruelty-free beauty products that inspire inclusion. For anyone looking to add a great product to their makeup bag or stocking this Christmas they’re a company to check out for sure! OYTC started in a 500 sqft apartment on Davie St. by CEO Courtnei Lee who, as a young transwoman, found empowerment in the world of beauty. If you check them out online you will see just how passionate they are about what they do and how incredible their product line really is. Trust me you want to stop by, say hello and snag something amazing for yourself!

Herrnhut Sterne is one of those booths you can’t miss. Light up brilliantly with all the different sized and coloured star lights, you can’t miss them on a visit to the market. These special Herrnhut Stars made in Germany are part of a long-standing tradition in which families assemble stars together and hang them to decorate and brighten the house before Christmas. The Herrnhuter Sterne GmbH is located in east Saxon Herrnhut, the place of origin of the Herrnhuter Church (part of the Moravian Church). Already more than 160 years ago, the stars have been made by hand. Trust me they are a perfect addition to your Christmas decoration collection at home.

Vancouver Christmas Market

Mixologists Bartending makes creating super fancy drinks super easy with all their incredible drink bombs. You heard me right, they make amazing drink bombs in all kinds of flavors and even sell luster dust all on its own for your own homemade cocktails. If you are trying to create the perfect cocktails for your holiday parties this year these guys are exactly what you have been looking for! They even have Kids Bombs for kids to drink healthier & fun sodas. They are so easy to use too just add one to soda, beer, or champagne, add your liquor and your cocktail or mocktail is ready.

Vancouver Christmas Market with Mumfection and BCmom

With so much to see and do at the market you wont have a shortage of ways to get into the Christmas spirit. There is lots to eat, drink, and shop for not to mention all the great spots for photos and the carousel that is being sponsored by Interac this year! If you want to check out the market make sure you book those tickets in advance so you don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy the merriment. Season passes are already 90% sold out!

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