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Get ready to embark on a journey of wonder and imagination as Science World unveils its latest innovation, the Creative Technology Gallery, set to open its doors to the public on September 18, 2023. Located under the iconic dome of Science World, this groundbreaking gallery is a collaboration between Beedie, RBC, Pacific Economic Development Canada, Creative BC, and the British Columbia Arts Council. It is designed to provide visitors with an immersive and interactive experience that explores the fascinating world of creative technology.

A Space for Dreamers and Builders

The Creative Technology Gallery is a fusion of science, technology, and art, aiming to inspire the next generation of creative media talent while supporting Science World’s mission of igniting wonder and empowering dreams through science and nature. This endeavor is driven by the belief that science is for all, and the gallery showcases how the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) intersect to create captivating experiences.

Science World

Developed in partnership with DigiBC, the gallery spotlights the vibrant local creative community by featuring interactive experiences that incorporate intellectual property from well-known movies, animations, and video games produced right here in British Columbia. These experiences introduce visitors to the role of creative technologists and other STEAM career possibilities within B.C.’s burgeoning technology sector.

Dream Builder: The Shattered Isles

The Creative Technology Gallery’s inaugural show, Dream Builder: The Shattered Isles, invites visitors to step into the imaginative world of the popular multiplayer online role-playing game, Dauntless, created in collaboration with the local studio Phoenix Labs. This immersive experience allows guests to explore three distinct rooms: Dream, Build, and Play, each offering a unique and engaging perspective on the creative technologist’s role.

Dream: The journey begins in a child’s bedroom, where the changing settings transport visitors to space, a forest, and underwater environments, mirroring the imaginative worlds that children dream of.

Build: In this space, guests become creative technologists, taking on roles like environment designers, artistic directors, or character artists at interactive stations featuring custom-developed scenes from Dauntless. Visitors can tweak the density of foliage, alter the roars of behemoths, and choose camera angles to convey their artistic vision.

Play: The final space offers a fully immersive experience in the fantastical realm of Dauntless. With 360° projections of the game’s environment, visitors interact with content “hot-spots” that trigger responses within the Dauntless world around them, providing an unparalleled sensory adventure.

Science World

Hall of Heroes

Upon entering the gallery, visitors are greeted by the Hall of Heroes, which celebrates the diverse artists and technologists thriving in B.C.’s creative technology industry. This showcase highlights the region’s contribution to the ever-evolving field.

Inspiring the Future

Tracy Redies, President and CEO of Science World, emphasized the gallery’s significance in inspiring youth to explore STEAM educational and career possibilities. She stated, “With BC’s growing technology sector, and an especially thriving creative technology industry, Science World plays an important role in inspiring today’s youth to explore the world of STEAM for educational and career possibilities.”

The Creative Technology Gallery, along with several other recent upgrades, was made possible, in part, thanks to $10 million in funding from the federal government through PacifiCan’s Tourism Relief Fund.

Science World

Get Ready to Immerse Yourself

The Creative Technology Gallery promises an unforgettable experience for all ages and interests. Science World members can enjoy exclusive preview access from September 14 to 17, while the gallery officially opens to all visitors on September 18, 2023. Tickets, along with admission information, can be found at

Prepare to be mesmerized, to dream, build, and play in a world where creativity and technology converge, right here at Science World Vancouver’s Creative Technology Gallery. Don’t miss your chance to explore this immersive wonderland and ignite your own creativity and imagination!

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