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Science World, the renowned science center in Vancouver, B.C., is proud to unveil its latest exhibit, “Trailblazing Women in Canada since 1867.” This captivating exhibit pays tribute to the extraordinary contributions and achievements of women who have shaped the history of Canada over the past century and beyond. Stepping into this inspiring display, visitors are taken on a remarkable journey, discovering the stories of trailblazing women who defied societal norms, shattered barriers, and paved the way for generations to come.

Honoring Canadian Heroines

The exhibit “Trailblazing Women in Canada since 1867” showcases the lives and accomplishments of prominent Canadian heroines from diverse fields, including science, politics, arts, sports, and social activism. From iconic figures like suffragist Nellie McClung and groundbreaking astronaut Roberta Bondar to lesser-known but equally remarkable women, the exhibit sheds light on their indelible impact on Canadian society.

Science World

Key Learning Points for Homeschooling Families

  1. Women’s Suffrage and Equality: The exhibit delves into the history of the women’s suffrage movement in Canada and highlights the struggles and triumphs of women who fought for the right to vote. Homeschooling families can use this section as an opportunity to discuss the importance of gender equality, civil rights, and the power of collective activism.
  2. Groundbreaking Discoveries in Science: Science World’s exhibit celebrates the achievements of Canadian women scientists who have made groundbreaking discoveries in various scientific disciplines. Families can explore the accomplishments of pioneers like Dr. Ursula Franklin, a renowned physicist and metallurgist, and learn about the diverse career opportunities for women in STEM fields.
  3. Innovation in Arts and Literature: The exhibit features remarkable female artists, writers, and performers who challenged artistic boundaries and broke stereotypes in the male-dominated creative industries. Homeschoolers can engage in discussions about artistic expression and how these women’s works influenced Canadian culture.
  4. Leadership and Politics: From the first female Member of Parliament, Agnes Macphail, to the first female prime minister, Kim Campbell, the exhibit explores the journeys of women who broke into the political sphere, paving the way for more inclusive representation in governance.
  5. Sports and Athletics: The exhibit showcases Canadian women who achieved excellence in sports and shattered gender barriers. Families can explore stories of determination, perseverance, and the importance of equal opportunities in athletics.
  6. Social Activism and Community Advocacy: Visitors will learn about women who played key roles in advocating for social change and justice. Homeschooling families can use this section to foster conversations about activism, community engagement, and promoting positive change in society.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Apart from informative displays, the exhibit offers interactive learning experiences designed to engage visitors of all ages. Families can participate in hands-on activities, workshops, and guided tours that provide deeper insights into the lives and accomplishments of these remarkable women.

Science World

Inspiration for Future Generations

“Trailblazing Women in Canada since 1867” serves as a source of inspiration for young minds, encouraging them to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and make a positive impact in their communities. The exhibit fosters a sense of empowerment and inclusivity, reminding visitors that everyone has the potential to become a trailblazer, regardless of gender.

Science World’s “Trailblazing Women in Canada since 1867” exhibit is a celebration of courage, resilience, and innovation. This tribute to Canadian heroines not only honors their contributions to history but also provides invaluable learning opportunities for homeschooling families. As we walk through the halls of this exceptional exhibit, we are reminded of the powerful role women have played in shaping Canada’s past, present, and future. So, come, immerse yourself in the stories of these extraordinary women, and be inspired to blaze your trail of greatness.

Visit Science World’s website to book your tickets and embark on this empowering journey through Canadian history: Trailblazing Women in Canada since 1867 Exhibit

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