Wish Vinyl

Get ready to be swept away by the sheer enchantment of this holiday season! 🌟 Brace yourselves for the absolutely awe-inspiring arrival of the exclusive clear glitter vinyl edition of the extraordinary Wish Vinyl record. Immerse yourself in the spellbinding soundtrack from Disney Animation Studios’ magnificent feature film “Wish.” This is no ordinary record, my friends; it’s a shimmering masterpiece that encapsulates the very soul of this extraordinary cinematic wonder.

🎬 A Disney Experience at Home Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of “Wish” as the enchanting voices of Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, and more echo through the very heart of your home. Relive the awe-inspiring moments of this captivating film with the unparalleled beauty of the limited edition clear glitter vinyl, delivering the pure magic of Disney straight to your beloved turntable.

🎤 Talent That Shines The Wish Vinyl record is an absolute gem, filled with original songs that will touch your soul. With the incomparable talent of Julia Michaels, a Grammyยฎ-nominated singer/songwriter, paired with the extraordinary skills of Benjamin Rice, a Grammy-winning producer/songwriter/musician, this record is a true masterpiece. It transcends the boundaries of a mere soundtrack, immersing you in a world of sheer musical brilliance. Trust me, as a collector, you cannot let this extraordinary collaboration slip away.

💿 Clear Glitter Vinyl Exclusive What makes this edition truly extraordinary? The Wish Vinyl record is exclusively offered on a mesmerizing clear glitter vinyl, enchantingly elevating your music collection to new heights. It goes beyond just the auditory experience; it’s a breathtaking visual feast that will infuse your Christmas celebrations with an aura of pure magic.

Wish Vinyl

🎁 The Ultimate Gift for Disney Fans Thrill the beloved Disney enthusiast in your life with an absolutely spellbinding gift this holiday season! Brace yourself for the Wish Vinyl record – a treasure that will ignite their heart and transport them into a world of unparalleled enchantment. But hold on tight, for this extraordinary edition comes in a breathtaking clear glitter vinyl that elevates it to sheer magnificence. Prepare to amaze and delight your loved one with a present that is truly one-of-a-kind!

🌈 Limited Edition Release Don’t wait another moment, for this exquisite clear glitter vinyl edition won’t be around for long. Each record is an enchanting embodiment of the movie’s pure magic, and once they are gone, they will be gone forever. Embrace this exclusive opportunity to infuse your home with the undeniable shimmer of “Wish” this holiday season.

🎉 Spread the Disney Magic Please kindly share this exciting announcement with fellow Disney enthusiasts and colleagues who may appreciate an added touch of magic this holiday season. We are delighted to collaborate with Disney Music Emporium to host a giveaway of 10 copies of this extraordinary vinyl! Simply follow the instructions provided below for your opportunity to be a winner.🎄🎶

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Good Luck to Everyone!


  1. As a child we loved our Disney Records what a great nostalgic contest

  2. It looks like a really nice, magical story.

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