David Wilson

After a three-year hiatus, renowned visual artist David Wilson is poised to unveil his latest collection at the prestigious VisualSpace Gallery in Vancouver. Titled “The Ground Beneath My Feet,” this highly anticipated solo exhibition promises to offer a fresh and comprehensive body of work that delves into the ever-evolving urban landscape, time, and memory.

David Wilson’s artistic journey has been a deep exploration of time and memory, capturing the vibrant reflections of urban life. Whether through his vividly colored or monochromatic renderings, he has consistently conveyed the essence of people, places, and objects, all inspired by the spaces he inhabits. With “The Ground Beneath My Feet,” Wilson continues this introspective journey, reflecting the profound transformations taking place in our world.

Wilson’s return to the gallery scene feels timely, as his work has often resonated with audiences who discover fragments of their own lives within his paintings. In this latest collection, he uses his subjects as metaphors, symbolizing the collective temporal shifts experienced by all of us.

The artist was drawn to the idea of stability beneath our feet, a concept that has gained significance amidst recent turbulence. From a city perched on the edge of the sea, Wilson derives inspiration from the sea, the sky, and the delicate ground we strive to establish beneath us.

“The Ground Beneath My Feet” by David Wilson is set to open its doors to the public on Thursday, October 12, and will grace the walls of the VisualSpace Gallery until October 28. This exhibition offers art enthusiasts and fine art appreciators a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Wilson’s captivating world.

For those eager to get a sneak peek of the exhibition before the official opening on October 12, a private viewing room featuring Wilson’s latest work is available for virtual preview. You can register here to gain access and be among the first to experience this stunning collection.

A Little About David Wilson

David Wilson is a Canadian artist based in Vancouver, whose primarily self-taught practice is informed by his intermittent studies at Emily Carr University. His work draws inspiration from grand gestural styles of painters like Cy Twombly, Anselm Kiefer, Edward Hopper, and Cecily Brown. Wilson’s art explores the concepts of time and memory through depictions of urban landscapes and monochromatic renderings of people, places, and objects.

David Wilson
Art by David Wilson

With over 25 years of artistic experience, Wilson has participated in more than 25 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows, contributing his work to philanthropic causes. His inspiration comes from his surroundings and his travels to various locations. As the world adapts to a new normal, Wilson eagerly anticipates how his upcoming travels and experiences will shape his future work.

Wilson’s artwork is characterized by bold, gestural brushstrokes that create movement and energy on the canvas. He often works in large formats, allowing viewers to fully immerse themselves in his vividly colorful paintings. In his monochromatic pieces, Wilson employs subtle variations of tone and texture to craft depth and nuance.

David Wilson’s work captures fleeting moments of beauty and emotion in the world around us, prompting viewers to pause and reflect on the passage of time and the significance of memory. Through his explorations of the urban landscape and his depictions of everyday objects and scenes, Wilson reminds us of the enduring power of art to reveal the beauty and complexity of the world we inhabit. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness his latest masterpiece, “The Ground Beneath My Feet,” at the VisualSpace Gallery this October.

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