Vancouver Christmas Market

Every single year, our hearts fill with joy and anticipation as we eagerly make our way to the enchanting Vancouver Christmas Market. It has become a cherished tradition for our family, a tradition that we have faithfully upheld since that magical first year when they set up their stalls outside the majestic Queen Elizabeth theatre. As the years flew by, they blossomed and flourished, taking residence at the majestic Jack Poole Plaza, filling the hearts of onlookers with profound awe and wonder during those remarkable weeks that have become nothing short of extraordinary.

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the awe-inspiring Vancouver views that will leave you breathless. Indulge in the tantalizing scents and flavors of the most delectable cuisine, igniting a fire within your soul. Every corner of this enchanting city is adorned with breathtaking backdrops, providing the perfect setting for truly captivating and romantic photo moments. And let’s not forget the hidden gems tucked away in the bustling streets, offering unique and delightful shopping experiences that will leave you spellbound and just dying for Christmas.

My Favourite Bites?

Hungarian Langos
Promoted as the beloved little sister of the iconic beaver tail, let me assure you that these magnificent savory slices of sheer perfection are simply beyond compare. I am truly captivated by their irresistible allure, and the desire to savor every morsel overwhelmed me from the very first bite. Though I cannot confirm if this unparalleled delight debuted this year or eluded my senses the previous year, one thing remains undeniable – its extraordinary taste. With an extensive range of delectable flavors available, both savory and sweet, my heart was unequivocally enchanted by the timeless Classic. And the cherry on top? These culinary wonders are surprisingly gentle on the wallet, with the most extravagant option priced at a mere $13. Indulgence and affordability coexist harmoniously in this culinary marvel.

Eschelle Westwood-Loftus 

Vancouver Christmas Market 2023

Soup Haus
Every single year, without fail, I find myself irresistibly drawn to this divine booth serving their heavenly mushroom soup. Oh, but do not underestimate the sheer magnificence of their French Onion offering, for it is equally extraordinary. Picture this: a chilly, wintry night enveloping Vancouver, and all you crave is a steaming bowl of the most comforting soup imaginable, courtesy of a cherished vendor at the timeless Vancouver Christmas Market. It is simply impossible to go wrong with this enchanting culinary experience.

Bratwurst Haus
I absolutely cannot step foot into that magical realm of the market without indulging in the irresistible charms of a perfectly grilled bratwurst, bursting with flavor and nestled in a warm bun, generously topped with tangy sauerkraut and zesty mustard from those heavenly out-of-this-world dispensers. Oh, my heart leaps with joy at the mere thought of it! Trust me, my dear friend, it is an experience so utterly essential, so incredibly vital, that it simply cannot be missed at a German Christmas Market. For how can one claim to have truly experienced the enchantment of this festive wonderland without indulging in this divine delight? It is a delectable rite of passage, an unwritten rule etched in the very essence of Christmas tradition. If you have not savored its intoxicating flavors upon your tongue, have you truly, truly been to the Christmas market at all?

Vancouver Christmas Market

My Favourite Shopping Spots This Year

Soumak Boutique

Established in May 2021 by the dynamic duo Rasha and Elvira, Soumak Boutique embodies an extraordinary journey born from the Syrian crisis. Originally inspired by empowering refugee women survivors of gender-based violence, the duo discovered the incredible potential of skilled artisanal women.

Today, based in Canada, Soumak Boutique passionately sources 100% natural textiles from marginalized villages in Turkey. From the irresistible allure of Turkish Towels to intricately handwoven Kilim bags and pillows, their mission thrives with unwavering dedication.

Going beyond borders, Soumak Boutique collaborates with Syrian refugees in Canada, crafting exquisite Mosaic Syrian handcrafts and enchanting board games. Serving as a beacon of support for these gifted artisans, Soumak Boutique seamlessly intertwines conscious shopping with each offering, inviting consumers to partake in a transformative experience.

For those unable to visit the vibrant aisles of their market, Soumak Boutique extends its enchantment to the Granville Island Kids Market shopping area. There, you’ll discover a mesmerizing selection of jewelry and game pieces adorned with magnificent mother of pearl inlays. Each treasure is nothing short of exquisite, deserving of admiration and reverence.

Vancouver Christmas Market


Step into the enchanting world of Kenziecards, a Coquitlam-based stationery haven where cute meets clever, and artsy-fartsy reigns supreme. Founded by the talented Mackenzie Drescher, this women-run company is celebrating its 5th year at the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Kenziecards specializes in uniquely designed handmade greeting cards that are a perfect blend of punny and pretty. Personally, I can’t resist grabbing a bunch each Christmas to gift to my nearest and dearest. There’s something magical about giving and receiving these handmade gems – it’s like sharing a little piece of art along with season’s greetings. Join me in spreading the joy with Kenziecards this holiday season at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Let the festive fun begin! 🎄✨

Maple Rush

Step into the sweet realm of this artisan sugar master who not only crafts maple syrup but also takes you on a delectable journey through French Canadian heritage and Yukon’s local “terroir.” This culinary maestro skillfully pairs the iconic Canadian maple syrup with the unique flavors of the Yukon, creating a taste experience that’s both rich in tradition and a celebration of local culture.

One of their standout creations, the Horseradish Maple Butter, is a true testament to their innovation. This unique flavor combination is nothing short of extraordinary, seamlessly blending the sweetness of maple with the zesty kick of horseradish. I couldn’t resist snagging a jar for myself, completely blown away by the bold and unforgettable taste. Dive into the delicious world of this artisan’s creations, where every jar tells a story of Canadian culinary craftsmanship and the fusion of flavors that make each bite an adventure.

If you’re a fan of exploring distinctive taste profiles rooted in tradition, this artisan’s maple creations are a must-try. From classic maple syrup to bold and inventive concoctions like Horseradish Maple Butter, prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Canadian culinary artistry.

West Coast Wild Foods

Embark on a culinary adventure with West Coast Wild Foods, a company born from a lifetime of exploring the bountiful mountains and forests of the Pacific Northwest. Rooted in a passion for wild mushrooms and other regional treasures, they’ve made it their mission to bring the natural wonders of our forests to your table. Collaborating directly with local foragers who prioritize sustainable harvesting practices, West Coast Wild Foods offers an ever-expanding array of specialty products.

During my visit to the Vancouver Christmas Market, I was captivated by their “Taste The Wild” hut, where I couldn’t resist sampling their Wild Mushroom Soup with Wild Rice, Wild Berry Jams, and, my personal favorite, the BC Pickled Fiddleheads. The burst of flavors in those pickled delights left me utterly enchanted. West Coast Wild Foods is not just a company; it’s a culinary journey that invites you to savor the wild, with each product embodying the essence of the Pacific Northwest’s rich natural offerings. Join me in experiencing the taste of the wild at the Vancouver Christmas Market—you won’t want to miss this flavorful exploration!

Don’t miss out on the enchantment of the Vancouver Christmas Market! Before the holiday festivities wind down, seize the opportunity to explore this magical winter wonderland. From delectable delights at Those Pretzels and Crimp & Crumb to the whimsical joy of a carousel ride, there’s an abundance of treasures waiting to be discovered. Hurry and immerse yourself in the festive charm – the market is brimming with incredible experiences that will add a touch of magic to your holiday season!

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