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Thanks to the amazing Tara behind British Columbia Mom I was invited to one of St. Remy’s most in-depth and educational Masterclasses. Taught in person at the Vancouver Club by their Master Blender Cecile Roudaut, it was truly a special experience I wont soon forget. They really did set the stage by creating one of the most beautiful settings ever so that we could all learn. Each place setting was thoughtfully set up with a tasting, and they gave us a notebook and pen so we could make as many notes as we wanted throughout the session.

After everyone had been seated, we were pleasantly surprised with a welcome cocktail that included the spirit of the hour; despite the fact that we were never told what the drink’s name was, it was excellent. Even a delicious charcuterie board of meat and cheese was served to us as a treat. It was the ideal size to go with our samplers and cocktails, which we savoured throughout the lesson. I discovered that the VSOP went exceptionally well with the blue cheese and smoked cheddar. All of us were eager and prepared to dive in and learn as much as we could about brandy when plates of nibbles and cocktails were distributed.

st. remy

I had no knowledge of the world of brandy until Cecile patiently explained the inner workings of St. Remy, the only genuine brandy, and their entire line. Being unfamiliar with brandy when we entered this event made it all the more memorable for us. Learning how brandy is made and how to distinguish a genuine brandy from a subpar imitation was fascinating. Did you know that making real brandy requires a very specific process, and many people try to pass off spirits made from sugarcane as brandy? Now that you know, brandy made from the incredible variety of grapes France has to offer is the only genuine brandy available. combining regions to produce the ideal flavour profiles and a wide range.

This class also included a tasting of their incredible line, which includes VSOP, OX, and their own Signature blend that Cecile Roudaut herself created. The fruity flavour and aroma of each brandy would cause the entire room to erupt in applause. I really enjoyed the beginning brandy; the richness of the VSOP was lovely, and the sweeter tones were delicious. We were treated to a video outlining their philosophies and ideas for this specific blend when we arrived at the Signature blend brandy. It is the ideal place to start because it was created for a younger audience and those who are not particularly familiar with brandy. It was specifically designed with cocktail-making in mind, making it the ideal gift for any alcohol enthusiast on your holiday shopping list this year. When you smell the Signature, you’ll detect notes of vanilla, coconut, pear, and apple. Smooth, oaky wood and spice are what you’ll taste. You must try it for yourself because it is so excellent that I am at a loss for words.

st. remy

We were treated to a special first-ever tasting of a new bitter that St. Remy will be releasing once it is perfected after we had gone through every member of the amazing St. Remy line. We were told to put three drops of the bitters on some paper so we could smell them before adding another three to four drops to the last sip of the Signature blend. Initially, I didn’t notice much of a smell from the paper, but when it was added to our Signature blend, it completely altered the aftertaste and gave it a lovely, smoky finish that I adored. I’m sure this new bitter will be something special, and I’m hoping our class’s suggestions will help Cecile make it even better before it’s released!

st. remy

Hopefully you had time to take part in appreciating St. Remy through the 2022 St-Rémy Signature Cocktail Week here in Vancouver! All the Vancouver locations that participated till Nov. 21, 2022 were: 

Alouette Bistro
Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar
D6 Bar & Lounge
Fairmont Pacific Rim
Gerard Lounge
Hydra Estiatorio
Loula’s Taverna
Mott 32
Per Se Social Corner
Published on Main
Rosewood Hotel Georgia
The Keefer Bar
The Pawn Shop
The Stock Room
The Vancouver Club

If you are looking for an amazing brandy, always choose St. Remy.

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