Sistine Chapel Exhibit

With so many amazing events going on it is hard to choose which ones are must sees. Sistine Chapel Exhibit should definitely be at the top of your list. This exhibit is jaw droppingly good especially for those unsure if they will ever get the chance to see it up close and in person.

This exhibit gives you a whole new look at each of the ceiling paintings; bringing them closer to you and in life sized form. They are spectacular, the whole experience was just so incredible. The immense attention to detail that can only be expected by the great Michelangelo himself.

Sistine Chapel Exhibit

The Sistine Chapel, by Michelangelo, is one of the most stunning works of art ever created. It will be fantastic to be able to see it in a completely new and up-close perspective right here in Vancouver. This 60-90 minute trip will provide you with a comprehensive view of Michelangelo’s work. Michelangelo took four years to construct the chapel’s ceiling, and another five years (around 20 years later, when he was in his 60s) to execute “The Last Judgement.” Of course, seeing it from this angle will offer you a completely other perspective. You’ll be able to see it in more detail, up near and personal, and in its entirety. It will be unlike anything you’ve ever done before, and it will be an unforgettable event for the entire family.

It’s incredible that you will be able to witness it without having to leave the city, and I’m beyond thrilled. Traveling to view these sights isn’t in everyone’s budget, but this experience will undoubtedly be! Splurge on the VIP experience and audio tour to get an even deeper insight into each painting, their meanings and so much more.

Whether you’ve seen it in person or not, this is an experience you’ll want to have. With excellent COVID safeguards in place, you can feel safe while you and your family enjoy the exhibit at your leisure. Book those tickets in advance and make sure you enjoy every bit of it.

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