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In a world where science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) fields continue to evolve, it’s crucial to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators. Science World, in partnership with STEMCELL Technologies, is set to host the 6th annual Girls and STEAM Summit on Saturday, November 4th, at the iconic Science World dome in Vancouver. This transformative event aims to bridge the gender gap prevalent in STEAM fields by providing 300 young girls aged 12-14 with a day filled with hands-on activities, enriching workshops, inspiring mentorship sessions, and an engaging keynote presentation.

Breaking Stereotypes, Building Confidence

The Girls and STEAM Summit serves as a beacon of opportunity, dispelling myths surrounding STEAM careers and fostering a welcoming environment for young girls. Research shows that women are 30% less likely than men to enroll in postsecondary STEM programs shortly after high school graduation. This summit plays a pivotal role in encouraging girls to engage with STEAM activities, boosting their confidence and nurturing their interest in these fields.

Inspiring Keynote: Andini Makosinski

This year’s summit features a captivating keynote presentation by Andini Makosinski, a Filipina-Polish Canadian inventor renowned for her innovative creations. Makosinski’s inventions, including the Hollow Flashlight powered by human heat and the eDrink that converts heat into electricity, highlight the potential of STEAM fields to address real-world challenges. Her journey from a simple idea to impactful inventions serves as a testament to the boundless creativity within the STEAM domain.

Science World
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Mentorship and Community

The event boasts over 40 mentors from diverse industries, facilitating roundtable discussions where attendees can engage in open and insightful conversations about various STEAM fields. Mentorship, both formal and informal, has been identified as a crucial factor in helping women pursue STEM careers. By connecting girls with female STEAM leaders, the summit creates an environment where questions are answered, ideas are nurtured, and lasting connections are made.

Innovative Workshops: Exploring the World of STEAM

The Girls and STEAM Summit offers a variety of workshops designed to spark curiosity and creativity:

  1. Designing for the Future: Led by BCIT, this workshop introduces machine learning and its applications in solving real-world problems such as medical diagnosis and climate modeling. Participants collaboratively create and experiment with machine-learning models, emphasizing the importance of unbiased data analysis.
  2. Machines and Us: In this workshop, participants explore the intersection of nature and technology. Girls design machines inspired by nature, emphasizing the integration of artistic design and coding. This workshop showcases how nature’s brilliance can inspire technological innovations.
  3. Working with the Natural World: AECOM & UBC lead participants in creating water filters, highlighting the importance of community collaboration in engineering solutions. Another workshop by Flavourful Science integrates food and science, examining the impact of climate change on ocean surface tension.
  4. Understanding our Bodies: STEMCELL Technologies guides young scientists through lab techniques, providing insights into cellular exploration and DNA extraction. Participants gain hands-on experience in the interdisciplinary nature of STEAM fields.
Science World
Image by Science World

Science For All: A Year-Long Commitment

Aligned with Science World’s commitment to “Science For All,” the Girls and STEAM Summit represents just one facet of the organization’s year-long initiatives. Science World conducts mentorship events throughout the year, enriching the experiences of attendees and encouraging continuous engagement with STEAM disciplines.

Join the Journey

The Girls and STEAM Summit isn’t merely an event; it’s a transformative journey that empowers young girls to envision themselves as the future leaders, scientists, engineers, artists, and innovators. As Science World and STEMCELL Technologies join forces to nurture curiosity, creativity, and confidence, they invite everyone—regardless of gender identity—to join this inspiring movement. Together, let’s champion diversity and inclusion in STEAM fields, creating a future where every mind is free to explore, innovate, and transform the world. To learn more about the Girls and STEAM Summit, visit Science World’s official website.

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