Science World

For as long as I can remember Science World has been apart of my life and the lives of my children. Being born in 1987 I have legit grown up with Science World in my life and my kids have been so lucky to be able to say the same. We are 2nd generation lovers of this magical place so I have learned one major fact: Science World isn’t just for kids.

Not too long ago hubby and I were invited to an adult only evening at Science World and we were so excited! We have only had the pleasure of enjoying it without children a handful of times and this was the first time since COVID. It was a welcome event that I know many were happy to see return. With the latest Trex exhibit in full force, hubby was the most thrilled to get a chance to see it without so many kids running around.

Science World
Science World

After Dark events at Science World are always a lot of fun, with drinks and food available you have lots of time to check out all the exhibits and their small details you usually don’t get to see. Usually when we go kids are running us along from one spot to another; getting the chance to slow down is very much appreciated.

What are some of our favorite things to do at Science World After Dark?

The Tinkering Space is always one of hubby and I’s favorites when we come for an After Dark event. Whenever we bring the kids I find we miss their activities being ushered and pulled around by our kids. So when we hit an After Dark event we love the chance to do a little hands on science project.

Eureka is always so much more fun without kids cause I finally get to play with all the balls and water features. If you ever go to this space on a regular day it is definitely a kid dominated zone. Getting the chance to experience it the way they usually do is a rare treat.

Science World

Main Stage shows are sooooo much better without my boys. Sorry I love them, BUT they aren’t always interested in everything for the whole time. I am one of those people who can’t stop something once she has started so stopping a show or movie part way and leaving is always torture for me. Being able to sit with other adults and enjoy the amazing science shows and lectures they put together for after dark is very special.

Science World

After Dark events at Science World are worth it if you are looking for a great date night idea and they are held every THIRD THURSDAY of every month moving forward! You cannot get your tickets at the door for this event as they sell out very quickly so make sure you buy in advance online to avoid disappointment.

The Early Bird Price of $29+ GST will be available until July 11. After that, tickets will be available at $35+ GST.
There will be no tickets available at the door.
Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled.
Science World After Dark is open to adults 19+ only.

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