Inclusive LGBTQ Family Story

I am so proud to be bringing you this amazing story by one of my beautiful friends from my high school days. The book Sara is an inclusive LGBTQ family story that is perfect for teaching acceptance, kindness and love through the eyes of lovely little Sara. Written and illustrated by Brandy Mars; a local artist, designer and now inclusive children’s book author who has been dedicated to spreading love and acceptance through her remarkable talent.

Sara is a story of a little girl with two moms, two puppies, one baby brother and a cat named Kat and how she learns how she can be an everyday hero. Through spreading love and light to everyone around her Sara learns that she doesn’t need super powers to be a hero, she just needs to rule life with her heart.

This amazing children’s book is a great idea for anyone in your family looking to increase their kids book collection. It is never too early to teach children these incredible lessons about the planet, kindness and pronouns for others.

Inclusive LGBTQ Family Story
Inclusive LGBTQ Family Story by Brandy Mars Image by

Beautifully put together and filled with Brandy’s lovely art that both you and your little ones will love. The emotion in this book will fill you and your family with all the warm and fuzzies and best of all you will walk away wanting to be an everyday hero.

It is so important to remember that is takes so little to be a hero in someone’s day and that all those small acts of kindness we do for each other really does have incredible ripple effect. Teach kindness, love and acceptance to your little ones and add this to their ever growing book collection.

Inclusive LGBTQ Family Story

There is never enough kindness on this planet and we can always use more and more of live life with kindness first and foremost.

Sara: An Inclusive LGBTQ Family Story


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