Every woman has their own battle with their monthly cycle – in fact I have never talked to a woman who didn’t have something to say about their flow. For myself it is always battling a really heavy flow – hemorrhage styles – I know TMI, but it is important to share so you know I have been through it! I have struggled to find something that works for me in this world of new “green” period products. That’s where Revol Cares comes in with their revolutionary products that provide the ultimate solution for heavy flows and overnight protection.

Menstrual cups were a no go and often ended making the bathroom look like a murder scene and definitely didn’t travel well unless I knew I could access a bathroom with sink INSIDE the stall while I was out. Pads often weren’t absorbent enough and I would go through too many or they would move on me causing bad leaks. Depends seemed to be my only way to go but I hated how they felt and wanted to not be in a diaper for as long as my period would stick around, sometimes up to three weeks. I wanted to do what all the other women with regular flows got to do: take extra care of my hygiene to stay healthy and comfortable – rather than just suffering through each month. But like I said with a heavy flow this can make the whole process challenging, and overnight protection can be a nightmare.

Revol Cares is a company dedicated to making menstruation more comfortable and manageable for women. Their products are designed to provide maximum protection, comfort, and convenience for women during their menstrual cycle. The company has great range of products that cater to women with heavy flows, making it easier for them to manage their periods.

Heavy Flow? Don’t Worry!

The heavy flow range includes reusable leak-proof underwear that are specially designed to provide maximum absorbency, ensuring that women can go about their daily activities without any worry or discomfort. These incredible comfortable underpants are made with a high-quality, ultra-absorbent material that can hold up to some of the heaviest flows even after childbirth, ensuring that women stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. They even come in wide range of sizes, making it easier for women to choose the right one for their bodies needs.

One of the most significant challenges women face during their menstrual cycle is overnight protection. Women with heavy flows often struggle to find a product that can provide adequate protection throughout the night, especially in the realm of reusable underwear and pad world. Revol Cares has addressed this issue with their Overnight Bundle, a pack that includes 3 of their ultra flow undies, providing maximum protection and peace of mind for women throughout the night.

Revol Cares’ products are not only designed to provide maximum protection and comfort but are also environmentally friendly. The company is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and has designed their products with the earth in mind, making them an eco-friendly choice for women who care about the environment.

Revol Cares

Revol Cares Low Income Assistance Program

Revol Cares understands that not every woman can afford high-quality menstrual products, which is why they have launched a Low-Income Assistance Program. This program provides free or discounted menstrual products to low-income women who cannot afford them. Women who qualify for the program can apply through an online form and receive up to three months’ supply of Revol Cares products. This initiative aims to provide a sustainable solution to menstrual hygiene for low-income women, ensuring that they have access to high-quality menstrual products that are not only comfortable but also eco-friendly. Revol Cares’ Low-Income Assistance Program is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions to menstrual hygiene and making menstruation more accessible for all women, regardless of their financial situation.

Revol Cares is a company that understands the challenges women face during their menstrual cycle and has designed their products to provide the ultimate solution for heavy flows and overnight protection. Their range of products is not only designed for maximum protection and comfort but is also eco-friendly. Women can now enjoy their menstrual cycle with confidence and comfort, thanks to Revol Cares’ innovative products. Try them today and experience the difference!

NOTE I was not paid to write this, I was NOT given product in exchange. I bought these items with my own funds and genuinely love them and myself experience and incredible heavy flow. I love these products and they work and are actually life changing.

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