Regina Mare

After our first and longest flight ever together hubby and I were more than excited to see the first hotel that Aegean Thesaurus Travel & Tourism arranged for us. This first place was our honeymoon suite and we were beyond exhausted from flying and not sleeping overnight. When we got off the plane in Santorini we were greeted by a glowing party bus as our first transfer to our hotel.

He stood there with his sign “Mr & Mrs. Loftus” and I was tickled pink, he also had cold water bottles which was also very exciting as well. He drove us down the winding streets telling us all about how he was from Albania and comes to work in Santorini every year during the tourist season. He even suggested a couple places to us and then handed us over to our favorite night time hotel guy from Regina Mare.

Then we started quite a windy walk down some crazy pathways all in darkness – it was quite the experience and I still to this day have no idea how the guys manage to carry all those peoples bags up and around everywhere. It truly blew my mind and we definitely tipped accordingly.

Once we got to reception we were given a big warm welcome and given the keys to our room and run down of some basic rules and all that jazz. A reminder that the tap water is not drinkable so to rely on water bottles you can find all over the island or from their front desk. The government even has a price cap on them so the small bottles are only .50 Euro and the 1.5L bottles are 1.80 Euro usually.

But when they showed us our room both hubby and I were blown away. We pinched ourselves to check that we weren’t dreaming and she hurried us away with some champagne and instructions to sleep. Of course we popped the champagne and jumped straight into our in room jacuzzi, I mean how could we not after a long flight it was exactly what we needed to wind down and get to sleep.

It was truly something out of a dream and our dreams couldn’t even compare to what we were going to experience throughout our stay. But we needed to get to sleep so that we could enjoy an amazing Greek breakfast for the first time ever.

Regina Mare

I was so happy when we woke up as they have little Nespresso machines in each room so you can enjoy a nice hot coffee first thing. This was an especially good thing since hubby and I woke up before dawn wanting to watch the sun come up… and also cause sleeping was hard. Thankfully it gave me a great opportunity to take some pictures of the common breakfast/pool area before things really started to get busy.

The Regina Mare Santorini gets up super early to start prepping their incredible breakfast buffets that are included in every guests stay. Making the start to each of your mornings a total breeze. One less thing to worry about each day you are there and they give you so many delicious options you really do full up until late evenings.

They really knew how to start everyone’s day perfectly and in the most Greek way possible, and our tummies couldn’t thank them enough for all their hard work. All I could say is that each and every meal we had all over Greece kept getting better and better – their food is truly amazing.

This was the first Greek salad I had in Greece and it was truly everything that I wanted it to be and for once I had enough feta cheese for a whole salad and in this magical place they never just give you ONE olive to fight over, you get MANY. It was true heaven and then the sunset happened and our minds were totally blown away.

This sunset was truly something out of a movie, like all the sunsets we experienced in Greece but this was our first – making it truly something special for the both of us.

Regina Mare Santorini is the perfect spot along the caldera to do lots of sight seeing, lounging, eating and shopping and the great staff are happy to help you out with any excursion arrangements you might want to make. Even if you decide to do it super last minute like we did with Caldera Yatching. If you ever have the chance to go to Santorini check them out as they have great facilities super kind staff and a great central location for EVERYTHING you want to do on the Island.

When we had to leave Regina Mare Santorini it was a truly sad good bye filled with lots of hugs – but we were excited to head off and see what Milos had in store for us.

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