Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is just around the corner! And just because we are homeschooling this year doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be supporting in our own way. February 24th is the official day and we are gearing up and doing lots of at home lessons to help reinforce the message behind the whole day.

This year they know lots of us parents are joining the ranks as teachers and need some extra support which is why they created their resources. Perfect for both teachers and homeschoolers. Learning more about mental health, bullying, cyber bullying and so much more is so important for children now. Having grown up in the days of ICQ I was the generation of kids who were the guinea pigs. The ones who discovered online predators were a thing to worry about, and before kids were able to speak to each other on handheld devices at all hours of the day via social media platforms, and WAY before the days of Facebook. It was the wild west of the internet days when I was a teen and the bullying was intense.

Pink Shirt Day

Now there we know so much more and do so much more to be proactive about our kids mental health and that starts with education. That is why Pink Shirt Day and all the amazing organizations supporting it are so important. Organizations like:

Kids Help Phone
KidSafe Project
Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC
Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Canada
Vancouver Out On Screen Film and Video Society
Stigma-Free Society
+ more like CKNW Kids Fund!

This year we can show our support from home in the best way possible, with a large selection of great Pink Shirt Day items! They are perfect for wearing at all your school events or any other day to show you are in support and want to #LiftEachOtherUp.

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