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My oldest kiddo has a pretty plain looking room and we could never really pin point anything that stood out to him. He has had pretty plain walls, white furniture and blue and gray accents along with the classic GenZ LED room lighting along his ceiling. Thankfully the people at Positive Prints had a couple great ideas for me that would tie in nicely with his colour scheme.

Custom City Map Prints

Custom city maps are a great way to decorate a room with an amazing memory of a trip your teen has taken. Maybe a way to set big goals with a map of a city they hope to travel too one day. Whatever the case maybe Positive Prints gives you a bunch of ways to customize your map via: place, colour, outline shape, sizing and of course messaging.

Moon Phase Posters

When my oldest saw these he was finally interested in something. We even went as far as to research about the moon that was happening on the day he was born. My oldest was actually born on a Gibbon Supermoon which was something I didn’t know, you know being busy giving birth and all. We went with a purple background for our Moon Phase Poster (his favorite colour), I added in the final touches for messaging along the bottom and that was it! They make it supremely simple to customize, change and see your design choices before finalizing everything. Making sure you are comfortable with exactly how it will look and giving you a chance to check over any spelling mistakes. This puppy arrived only a few days after ordering and it was perfect! His room is starting to finally come together and this is his very first piece of room wall art made especially for him for years to come.

Personalized Star Maps

Positive Prints has a bunch of amazing ways to show someone you love just how much you care. One of my favorite ways to do that is with, I think, their most special personalized prints: the personalized star maps. These star maps are perfect for immortalizing a bunch of amazing firsts you have as a couple or family. The first day you met your significant other, they day you got married, the day you adopted your child, or the day your family was completed your last child. Whatever the moment might be a personalized star map is a great option to keep that moment forever.

You can get your prints in a number of different ways too: as a poster, on canvas, and even framed! Each different personalized print will come with an array of different customize-able options that are easy to test out and see before purchasing. So if you are looking for a great way to jazz up your teens space or looking for a creative way to show someone you care check out Positive Prints.

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