Efi Studios

If you are looking for a great place to stay on Milos Island whether you are by yourself, with your partner or heading there with all the kids as well: Efi Studios is the perfect little spot. It is a beautiful kept space run by the sweetest lady and her sons. Efi was a wonderful host and they were so kind to us our whole stay making sure we had what we needed and our room was so big and would have been perfect if we had the boys with us.

With her lovely garden of cacti, olive trees, palms and succulents I was in heaven almost right away. Add all the cats running around and I couldn’t wait to drop our bags and rush off to explore – the hot air filled with the smell of ocean and curry was calling my name.

Efi Studios

Once we got to our room we were beyond thrilled at the sight of it – and it was a welcome sight for my hubby who managed to get a little heat stroke while we waited for the ferries from Santorini that morning.

Our space was nice and big in comparison to our stay in Santorini and it felt nice to stretch out by the ocean here in Milos. Our room even had a kitchenette which was perfect for reheating our restaurant leftovers and even doing a little cooking if we wanted to. Hubby and I were so excited to be here, threw on the AC and took a little nap before heading out to do some exploring of the amazing streets of Pollonia.

Efi Studios
Milos Greece
Daniel along the beach in Milos, just a short walk from Efi Studios

We were less than 5 minutes away from the main food strip and half a block away from a nice little bar that would stay open till 3am each night and open again at 10am every morning. We were also a block from 3 different beaches and 3 from another THEN only a 15 minute taxi ride (or 40 minute walk) from the famous Papafragas beaches. Not to mention we were super close to a kids park that is right on the beach and gated off which is perfect if you have little kids traveling with you.

Efi Studios Milos Greece is truly in a perfect location for your travel plans.

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