Dr. Sarah Zadek

As someone who has struggled with fertility issues or knows someone who has, you know how difficult and emotional the journey can be. It’s a deeply personal and often overwhelming experience, filled with both hope and uncertainty. That’s why it’s important to have a comprehensive and evidence-based guide to help you navigate this journey with confidence and compassion.

Dr. Sarah Zadek’s new book, “It Takes Two…And A Uterus: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Enhancing Your Fertility,” is just that kind of guide. Dr. Zadek is not only a licensed Naturopathic Doctor but also an author who has poured her expertise and compassion into this witty and easy-to-follow guidebook.

The book offers a wealth of evidence-based guidance on how to optimize your fertility, whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or with the help of advanced reproductive technologies such as IVF. It covers a range of factors that can impact fertility, including genetics, gut and vaginal microbiomes, diet, physical activity, sleep, stress, and exposure to environmental toxins. Dr. Zadek also addresses common challenges, such as “unexplained infertility,” PCOS, endometriosis, and the difficulties of conceiving in your 30s and 40s.

The book is not only informative but also practical, offering tips on how to track ovulation, when to have sex or inseminate, and which supplements may help along the way. It also provides guidance on how to reduce stress and exposure to environmental toxins, both of which can have a significant impact on fertility.

What’s particularly special about “It Takes Two…And A Uterus” is Dr. Zadek’s compassionate approach. She understands the emotional and physical toll that infertility can take on individuals and couples, and she writes with empathy and warmth. Dr. Zadek’s book is a testament to the fact that optimizing your fertility isn’t just about following a set of rules or steps; it’s about caring for yourself, your partner, and your potential future family with love and intention.

Dr. Zadek is currently practicing at Conceive Health at TRIO Fertility in Toronto, where she is part of an integrative clinical model that supports collaboration between naturopaths and medical practitioners. She is also an exhibitor at The 2023 6th Annual Canadian Fertility Show, which will be held on Saturday, May 13, 2023. There, she will be holding a giveaway of her book, providing more couples with the tools and support they need to optimize their fertility.

Whether you’re just starting to think about having a baby or you’ve been trying for a while, “It Takes Two…And A Uterus” is an essential guide that will help you on your journey. It’s a compassionate and comprehensive resource that empowers individuals and couples to take control of their fertility and build the families they dream of.

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