**This Spring Reitmans is Perfect For Working Moms” post is sponsored by Reitmans – all opinions are my own.**

Spring time in Vancouver is the most beautiful time of year around here. Everyone’s gardens are blooming, streets all over the city are lined with either cherry blossoms or magnolias and every bird in the neighborhood is singing up a storm. It is a wonderful time of year – but it can also be a tricky season yourself in. Mornings start out cool and crisp and lead into Summer hot days with maybe a shower by early evening – things are all over the place which means us moms on the go have to be prepared for everything. Thankfully the good folks at Reitmans is perfect for working moms or busy stay at home moms looking to stay comfy and stylish.

Reitmans is filled with so many practical looks that are absolute perfection for any mom who is running around from work to school pick up to practice to fun coffee dates and everything in between. They have not just your style in mind but your comfort too which means they offer proper clothing that has been properly made and looks amazing on all sizes. One of the main reasons I love them is because I can get the same looks in my size that they offer in smaller sizes, so often I shop and the plus size options are totally different from the regular sizes which I don’t like. I think us big girls can rock anything we feel confident in and Reitmans thinks so too!


Since I am always running around to school, meetings and blogging events having an outfit that I can be comfy in all day, yet look super professional is priceless. Being able to look pulled together even when I am having a hot mess kind of day is essential. I am not filled with limitless energy and having things that I can easily pair with other items in my closet is key to keeping my sanity in tact – especially on mornings I have slept in and am running severely late. There is nothing worse than worrying about what you are going to wear when you are in a hurry – so always having some great simple outfits pieces is key. I will go over all the Reitmans pieces in this outfit and you will see how great they are for pairing and creating different looks for different weather changes throughout our crazy Spring days.

Trench Coat [reg. price $129.90 now 30% off $90.93] – This great classic trench coat is great for any look – easily paired with any outfit under the sun this black trench coat is perfect for a chilly or wet Spring day. Of course if you are looking to add some great color to your wardrobe it does come in a lovely blue or cream that are gorgeous but not as versatile… and cream is just asking for stains when you have kids.

Iconic Straight Leg Pants with Contrasting Band [reg. price $49.90 now 30% off $34.93] – These pants are great, nice and thin and quick to dry if you get caught in the rain – I tested them unintentionally for all of you. They are nice and stretchy, come with decent sized pockets and my my butt look fabulous. I couldn’t ask for more in a pair of pants and their added multi-toned pink contrasting band is super cute with my favorite pair of red heals. Of course you can opt for the pure white option, but the pink is my favorite of the two options.


Plaid Blanket Scarf [reg. price $14.97 now 40% off $8.98] – Want the comfiest scarf ever made? Then this is the scarf that you need it is thick and luxuriously soft and I love it deeply. So perfect for a windy Spring day when it is a little warm but you need something for when you get a little chill. Great for Spring evenings on the patio or when you are in the office and they have the AC up waaaay too high. Whatever it might be this adaptable wardrobe item looks great when you need it most.

Right now all these pieces are on sale which makes it the perfect time to stop in online or in store to take advantage!

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