Recently I attended my favorite event of the year.  Fan Expo Vancouver.  The best weekend this nerdy girl can ask for, and since I went thanks to the lovely folks behind Fan Expo Vancouver I was given the opportunity to interview the incredibly beautiful Morena Baccarin.

If you don’t know her, she is Inara in Firefly (my fav place to see her), Stargate, V, Homeland, and was even on How I Met Your Mother for an episode!!  She is truly lovely and was kind enough to let myself and another media rep do our interviews after she had snuck in a quick feeding with her little baby.  Super mom to the max this one and I am so happy to be able to share this GREAT interview with you all!

So here it is My Interview with Morena Baccarin:

Q: What do you find to be the biggest differences between your Firefly fans, V fans and Homeland fans??

A: you know I guess the firefly, “flans” as we call them, are incredibly loyal and transfer to all projects back and forth.  I would say that Stargate people are strictly Stargate a lot of the time, but not always, same with V but the Firefly fans are just excited that when they meet us and this kinship hatred for Fox.

Q:  What has it been like growing up around acting your entire life?? Do you think you would still be an actress if you hadn’t been raised around it?

A: I think… I dunno, that is a good question!  I mean I think it is something, you know since I grew up around it, it was something that was really engrained in me.  I think though that my folks are both very creative and my family really artistic I think that kinda thing is totally genetic and passed down.

Q: Is there a purposeful way in which you choose your projects??

A: I am naturally attracted to great characters so for me it’s about the story and the opportunity to play something different.  And it just so happens two or three of my characters happen to be in sci-fi cause I think some really great female roles dominate that genre.

Q: How do you think your very strong, very different roles transfer into your parenting if at all??

A: (laughs) well I do try to keep my work and my family totally separate because I definitely wouldn’t want some of my characters to influence my parenting choices.  Expect maybe Jessica

Q: We’ve seen with Veronica Mars that really anything can happen, would you be game for that?  How would you want to see your character Inara move ahead??

A: Oh yeah I would be totally game for that!! That would be fun!! Ummm…. There was a new comic, the leaf on the wind comic that has ___ (couldn’t translate this for my life sorry) and Inara together I think, which is very funny to me, I would love to see a version of that.  Of course I know they could never end up together I think they would both just combust.  But umm… it would be interesting to see so many different possibilities.  I mean to see, I know that umm Alan’s character Adam washed died, but it would be cool to see that family blossom, so many endless stories.

Q: Out of all your roles which has been your favorite??

A: ooooo that’s really tough!  I am going to have to go with Inara… cause I am here.

Q: What have you been working on?  I heard something about, something called Warriors??

A: Yeah that is a pilot that I shot called Warriors that we are waiting to see if it gets picked up.  It’s about a woman who is in the military and does two tours in Afghanistan and comes back with a mild case of PTSD, she works at Walter Reid hospital and she is treating soldiers who are coming back with serious PTSD.  So it is a comedy clearly!  She had an affair with someone over there and then comes home to her family and is dealing with the repercussions of war and her mistakes.

Q: How has that impacted your view on the War???

A: Ummm well I have been around it quite a bit with Homeland and it is always, you know it is a touchy thing, I think.  I don’t claim to know what these people go through especially military families and things but it has definitely brought me a lot more awareness of the effects of war and things that you aren’t really privy to in the general population.

Q: Are you ever surprised how passionate your fans are??

A: yeah, I mean it’s been what like 14 years, 13 years since Firefly and people are still here dressed up as us and attending these conventions.  You know Homeland is a very popular show, it has won a ton of awards but at a Q&A panel last night I got 1 question about it so it was all Firefly stuff.  That is just incredible to me, it’s so amazing how people love that show and it just speaks to how ahead of its time it was, how it is still relevant and how people can still enjoy it, it just floors me every time!

I was just thrilled to have been given the chance to do this, Fan Expo Vancouver is always so good to me and Morena is just lovely.  Thanks to both of you for taking the time!

I hope all of you just loved it!   If you were going to ask her a question what would it be??

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