I have been a massive fan of both Amanda Tapping (SG series, Sanctuary, Space Milkshake, Supernatural) and Michael Benyaer (voice of Bob from Reboot) since I was… well… probably younger than I would like to admit.  Getting the chance to actually say hello, tell them how much of a fan I was then get time to ask them both a couple of questions was an incredible experience.  In fact typing this I am getting the shakes all over again.  I also know that all of you are itching to hear about them so lets get into the tale of my awesome interview with Michael Benyaer aka Bob.

I arrived the Sunday of Fan Expo to immediately get a call from my media rep on the inside.  She immediately asked me if I had arrived yet and informed me that Michael was open with some time for a quick interview.  I, despite being really hungover and super nervous, jumped on the chance with a big bubbly YES!  Of course.  Then off I went running from one end to another through a massive sea of characters to arrive at the Reboot booth I was at the day prior getting a picture signed by him and the creator of the show.  Michael right off the bat was super nice and instantly said “oh I remember you from yesterday!”… the eight year old in me was jumping for joy and screaming.

Of course at this exact moment I also became almost incapable of thought or putting a sentence together but I managed to ask him a couple of questions in my given three minutes.

Michael Benyear

Me: “How was Reboot different or more rewarding than your other projects?”

Michael: “Well as the role progressed, they wrote more to what I was doing. I was able to help create the character. It was exciting to be able to help create a character and play a hero who was fallible; he was like Spider-Man/Peter Parker, someone who was thrust into his job and learning to cope with it.”

Me: “What was it like to be apart of the first completely computer animated TV series?” 

Michael: “Amazing and mainly cause I was able to help create the character of Bob.”
Me: “What did you enjoy most about working here in Vancouver?”
Michael: “Growing up in Vancouver I really liked being able to stay close to home. Coming to these expos is also really amazing especially here in my hometown of Vancouver everyone is always saying ‘oh i love you, this show was my childhood…’ it is really touching”

It was so amazing to get this chance to talk to him and also; for those of you who have met him and don’t think he “sounds” like Bob (apparently this happens a lot to him), you need to get your ears checked cause it is his normal voice it is amazing.  Listening to him talk was uncanny and it was hard not to picture silver hair and blue skin on him lol!!!

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