I love being able to get the chance to talk to some of my favorite celebrities from time to time all thanks to the greatest time of year: Fan Expo Vancouver. This year they have already given me an incredible opportunity to interview one of my favorite characters in the show Lucifer. Lesley-Ann Brandt aka Maz. She kicks butt in the show and is a total badass with a hidden softness that I really love. I can’t recommend this show more highly – definitely a great watch with an incredible cast and crew!

I was so happy that Lesley-Ann Brandt was kind enough to spend some time answering a few of my questions that I curated thanks to a bunch of different fans of hers! So from my awesome readers here at mumfection.com. Thanks to you I had a large string of questions that were perfect to pick and choose from, questions I hope she would also enjoy answering. So here we go, again a huge thank you to Fan Expo Vancouver and Lesley-Ann Brandt for giving me this opportunity!

Q: You are pretty badass in Lucifer, there must be a lot of training that is involved to keep that up. What kind of training do you have to do to keep on top of what the show throws at you?

A: There is a large physical aspect of it obviously, and I trained really hard with Diana lee and her husband who are true masters of martial arts. Loved being able to train with them and many others to bring my skill levels up that much more. They were great to work with and really pushed me.

Q: Keeping both your characters: on Spartacus and Lucifer, what do you enjoy most about each?

A: Both are really strong female characters and for very different reasons. (in regards to her character on Spartacus) Having the ability to go through what she endured and come out as a woman who would do anything for the man that she loved. Truly inspiring and devoted. Then Maz has a strength and a big vulnerability to her that I can connect with and love about her.

Q: On Spartacus what was it like to work with cast members, like Lucy Lawless?

A: She was amazing and made me feel super welcome, they were really intimidating being that this was my 2nd professional job and she was so humble and kind. I learned so much from her and she really made me feel right at home and comfortable on set.

Q: While working with such great casts it must make for some great experiences on set, what are some of your fondest memories in regards to professional growth?

A: With Spartacus it was my 2nd ever show I had no reference point but I loved that feeling the: excitement and hunger to learn and be in the show. I was a complete sponge and continued to be every time I was on set. Lucifer we have the most amazing cast and crew, we truly are a big family and I feel so blessed to wake up and do something that I love to do each and everyday.

Q: What would you like to see happen for your character Maz in Lucifer, if you could choose anything?

A: I don’t know if I even have something specific in mind, I want to continually allow our writers to be creative and open as they are. Though I do think the Maz and Lucifer history should be explored. There hasn’t been much back story to that and I would love to really see what went on before what is currently happening in the series.

Q: Do you consider yourself to hold similarities to Maz at all?

A: Yes for sure her loyalty and protectiveness of those she loves I can very much relate to.

Again it was such an experience to be able to pick the brain of such a talented, intelligent woman. I can’t wait to see what’s to come from Lucifer and I agree with her on wanting to see some more of the backstory as the series continues.

What would you like to see happen with Lesley-Ann Brandt’s character in Lucifer?

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