I am the luckiest person in the world, you want to know why??

Because I get to be my truly nerdy self and bring that into my job and in doing that I get the chance from time to time to talk with some of my favorite stars out there!  Today is no different my friends, I was graciously given the opportunity to throw the gorgeous Jennifer Spence a few questions!

So today I am sharing it with all of you!!  If you aren’t familiar with her work YOU MUST get out from under that rock you are living.  In fact I even saw her in the last season of The 4400 on Netflix!

1) When it comes to roles, what exactly do you look for in a character?

That the character has something interesting to do or say. That she has  purpose and an arc, a point of view. That she adds something significant to the story.  And ideally that she’s fun to play! Even if the material is dark and disturbing, that there is a challenge to playing her that makes the experience fun and of value.

2) What do you love about your role on Continuum vs. your other projects?

I love that even though the role of Betty is technically a computer geek and that she sometimes has a lot of exposition in her dialogue, she is  still written as having spunk and a sense of humour. I also love how things got complicated with her because she didn’t agree with how her workplace and society were being run and that it didn’t mesh with her values. I love how much courage and integrity she had.  She had balls.

3) In what ways do you relate to your role of Betty?

I relate to that feeling of needing to prove oneself.  And of making mistakes along the way in trying to figure out the best or right thing to do. Learning lessons. Trying to stay positive. I relate to her nerdiness although sadly I don’t share her brilliance for technology 🙂

4) If you could change something about how Betty’s role played out, what would that be?

Getting whacked 😉

5) I would love to know what you had to do to prepare mentally for your role in Stargate Universe?

Because a lot of my dialogue involved techno-babble, I spent a lot of time drilling my lines over and over as well as looking up different scientific terms on Wikipedia.

I also stopped washing my  personal clothes in real life to get a sense of how I would feel in the same unwashed outfit on board the Destiny…… kidding!

6) What do you love about working in the Sci-fi genre?

That there are infinite possibilities for story lines- anything is possible! The sci-fi shows I’ve been fortunate to work on have all been high calibre shows with extremely creative and collaborative environments.  They’ve made people think and want to talk about it. And I can’t even begin to express how awesome and meaningful it is for me when I get to  connect with sci-fi fans at various conventions around the world. That a show I’ve been a part of has had a lasting effect on folks of all  different nationalities is what it’s all about!

7) If you could only have ice cream at one place in Vancouver for the rest of your life, what place would that be?

Ooh tough one! Probably the Marble Slab Creamery. You can put together any combination of ice cream flavours you desire and top it with any number of their delectable candy toppings. I may or not have a dessert addiction.

8) Share with us what you love to do in your spare time to disconnect from your busy life.

I love hanging out with family and friends, travelling, reading, sitting on a beach, marathoning cable TV shows and taking naps with animals 🙂

9) Are you working on anything new that we should all be getting excited about??

I just finished a movie that should be out around Christmas on Syfy which was like having a Continuum reunion while the show was on hiatus!  Victor Webster, Richard Harmon, Mike Dopud and I got to play in the woods and on mountains together in the summer all the while being bundled up in parkas because it’s a film that takes place in the winter. Will post the details on social media as soon as we have ’em 🙂

Also the film Down River that my husband wrote and directed and in which I co-starred and associate produced was just released on iTunes in Canada and Video On Demand (Bell, Rogers, Shaw and MTS). It’s a project we stand behind with all we’ve got and we’ve been feeling so grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from both audiences and critics alike. To know that it has had such a profound impact on folks has been one of the most  rewarding experiences of my life. You can check out more info on the website and watch it on iTunes (in Canada) HERE!

See??  She is great, make sure you check out Down River I am stoked to watch it!

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