My interview with Amanda Tapping was an interview I was the most nervous about.  I love this woman, I have seen everything she has done, other than Space Milkshake which I am DYING to see as I am a HUGE Red Dwarf fan (you didn’t think my nerd-dom went that far back did you??).  I know that was one of their sources of inspiration for the movie.   But I am a massive fan of her mainly for her strong characters and amazingly sweet demeanor.  You can tell just by looking at her that she spreads happiness wherever she goes, she is someone who constantly finds and creates goodness.  And if you can believe it she is more gorgeously perfect in person than she is on TV.  No joke she is walking perfection.  So when my time with her was slowly inching closer and closer I was becoming more and more nervous, my palms were sweaty and I was jittery.

Finally sitting down with Amanda right off the bat she was super welcoming, putting me at ease ever so slightly.  But I had work to do, I couldn’t just sit there staring at her so I needed to jump in and start asking my questions.  We only had 3 minutes after all!

Me: “How has being a parent shaped who you are as an actor??

Amanda: “… after having a child I found that I wasn’t just wearing my heart on my sleeve anymore, it was very much running around in the world and I find that does shape how I do everything.  Especially when it comes to time, I really don’t want to take my little girl out of her school and move her around so I do find that I have turned things down because of that fact.  I am happy as I wouldn’t want to take her from her friends and all that she has established.” 

Me: “What has been the most memorable thing a fan has done or given you?”

Amanda: “I am so blessed, my fans are some of the best they’re so loyal and sweet and over the years I have seen a huge increase in moms and their kids at these conventions.  But I have never had a fan give me something and me be turned away by it, I have gotten so many lovely gifts and all of them make me want to cry” (as she fake blubbers – yes she is that awesome)

Me: “What has been the hardest part about working more behind the camera than in front?”

Amanda: “Alot of it!  I really love my roles behind the camera and it really makes the projects more mine.  Sanctuary was very much a passion project; on a day-to-day basis, from being involved with pre-production I was mapping out the stories for the first season, and doing it again for the second season, white-boarding all the stories, putting together the crew and the cast and the financing.

That was a big part of my responsibilities — getting that together. Because we didn’t have the backing of a major studio, and we’re actually doing something quite unorthodox — creating a high-end product which we’re then selling to a world marketplace, so that’s been a huge job, but again it made it truly a passion project of mine. One I would love to do again.”

Me: “Knowing all your strong female roles, and knowing you have a gorgeous daughter, what characteristics would you want her to adopt from you characters??”

Amanda: “oh that’s a good one umm… loyalty, strength, courage, pride and a sense that she can achieve the impossible.  Yeah… all of those things!”

At that wonderful point I shook her hand said soo many thank yous and asked for a picture and she was more than happy to do so!! Gosh I love this woman!

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