Shoppers can get ready for a prosperous Lunar New Year at Metropolis at Metrotown. The largest shopping centre in British Columbia will welcome the Year of the Rabbit with cultural workshops, live entertainment, and captivating décor beginning on January 22 and lasting through February 5, 2023.

Traditional Art

Find out about the subtleties of traditional Chinese art. In Chinese culture, specific art forms have been practiced for thousands of years. For customers of all ages, Metropolis at Metrotown will offer a selection of art workshops during Lunar New Year, including calligraphy and paper cutting. One of the cutest demonstrations is the polymer clay bunnies – if you get the chance you will definitely want to take advantage. Talk to the amazing volunteers putting together this amazing booth and opportunity to mall guests.

Dance Performances

Watch stunning dance performances in awe. During the Lunar New Year celebrations, cultural dance groups will enthrall audiences with their visual storytelling every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Nothing better than doing a little shopping with a show. In fact on the 27th they will have a super neat demonstration of dance on roller skates that you wont want to miss!

Lion Dance

To bring luck and prosperity for the coming year, the lion dance is performed. The lion dance at Metropolis at Metrotown, hosted by performers of all ages, will bless the shopping centre, along with merchants and customers, on January 25 at 10am.

Metropolis at Metrotown

Visit With The God Of Wealth

Take a picture with the God of Wealth. Shoppers can take a picture with Tsai Shen Yeh, also known as the God of Wealth, for good luck and blessings, and to keep as a lucky keepsake. After the last year of crazy inflation we could all use a little luck when it comes to our wealth of our families.

Enjoy Delicious Treats

At Metropolis at Metrotown, you can find T&T Supermarket and Chef Tony’s Dim Sum, which both serve traditional Chinese food. Shoppers can sample a snack box filled with seeds, candy, and lotus during Lunar New Year or purchase traditional Chinese herbs at Tong Ren Tang. On the 30th between noon and 2pm they will be holding a noodle making demonstration that is bound to have you in awe.

Give Back To Charity

Increase your own luck by giving back. Metropolis at Metrotown will give $5 to Angels on Earth Society for each customer who spins the wheel for lucky money. The Burnaby-based nonprofit offers free cultural instruction to students with a focus on various facets of Chinese culture.

Metropolis at Metrotown
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Spin To Win

Customers who spend $188 or more (before tax; must present same-day receipt) at Metrotown, T&T Supermarket, Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore, or Hudson’s Bay Company can try their luck by spinning a wheel to win a $20 gift card from Metropolis.  Spin once more to receive a gift box surprise as well as a wish for good health, wealth, or fortune. In addition, anyone who shops at Metropolis at Metrotown over Lunar New Year has the chance to win one of three $888 gift cards.

Metropolis at Metrotown

Lunar New Year Displays

Enjoy the atmosphere by using Lunar New Year decorations. During the Lunar New Year celebrations, customers can stroll among cheery lanterns and delicate cherry blossoms while shopping at Metropolis at Metrotown.

If you keep an eye on their Facebook page they are even doing contests throughout the New Year that you should definitely jump in on! Keep an eye on the blog and our socials as we will be attending the Lunar New Year media event on the 17th to learn more about all the fun happening at Metropolis at Metrotown.

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