Morgan's Pillows & Patchworks

Every year I get the amazing opportunity to attend Fan Expo Vancouver and every year I always find one amazing booth that I NEED to talk about. This year meeting Morgan’s Pillows & Patchworks at Fan Expo Vancouver was one of my favorite moments, and one of my favorite purchases so far! See Fan Expo isn’t just about celebrities, gaming and Q&A’s there is LOTS of shopping to do and soo many amazing artisans to see.

Morgan’s Pillows & Patchworks is known for their amazing pillow creations using incredible vintage fabrics. She hunts through thrift stores, online shops, buy nothing groups wherever she can get them, then turns them into incredible comfy creations you can’t resist.

Morgan's Pillows & Patchworks

Of course Morgan creates more than just pillows and she had a bunch of amazing stuff on display and available for purchase. From jean dresses and vests to catnip toys made from scraps and perfect for your furbabies. I love her creations and the only thing I regret is not being able to get to a rainbow bright pillow on day 1.

A good rule for Fan Expo Vancouver: if you see it and you love it BUY IT cause it wont be there long. TRUST ME!

Morgan's Pillows & Patchworks

There were two things I saw that I SUPER wanted but I settled on just the one. It was a hard choice and thankfully hubby was there to basically make the choice for me and I LOVE it. It was a hard decision between the Hey Arnold pillow I saw and the one I got but in the end I think that I made the best choice.

Morgan's Pillows & Patchworks

Isn’t it the most incredible pillow?!! It matches my vintage sheet I’ve had since I was a small kid, so now I can cuddle up with my new pillow and my favorite sheet of all time. I know it is silly to keep these things so long but I am so happy I did – I really wish I had kept the Star Wars and E.T. sheets I remember having. Or maybe those were fever dreams and I never even owned them who knows LOL!

If you didn’t get a chance to head down to Fan Expo Vancouver this year and buy one of Morgan’s Pillows & Patchworks creations don’t worry cause you can find her online!


  1. That Smurf pillow! Super cute! I was there for the first time this year and had a lot of fun!

  2. This is so fun! Love that we are able to experience these types of events again

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