Mayraki Hair Care

Let’s talk about it, let’s talk about hair after having kids. It isn’t always pretty is it ladies? No, no it is not. My hair went from wavy/curly and luscious to BIG and wirey; to hair that never grew in length again only outwards. I have tried a lot of products in my day and I can finally say I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel having used Mayraki hair care products for a week now.

That’s right, my hair that I considered a lost cause, is finally starting to come back to life. I loved my hair before kids as I am sure many of you did, but sadly things do have to change and sometimes those changes and aging isn’t always end up in the best of results. Which is why I was so thankful to get some help from Mayraki and their various products.

Mayraki Anti Hairloss & Hair Growth Shampoo Kit

This kit is perfect for those of us who experience hair loss after having kids or due to natural aging. Hair loss is not something many of us women talk about but it is something many of us deal with silently. But we don’t have to anymore, so many amazing companies like Mayraki have worked hard to help people experiencing hair loss in any degree. Using this kit for a week I am definitely noticing more baby hairs and that is making this lady a very happy camper. I will be thrilled to update here after using it for three weeks!

Mayraki Hair Care

Ultra Repairing & Weightloss Moisture Shampoo

Now with my hair being curly and getting older I have been noticing a lot of dry wirey curls vs. my traditional coil curls. This is something that I noticed happened to my mother as well after she had kids and in her forties. Using the ultra repairing shampoo has been helping my thirsty curls ALOT and it is nice to have finally found a shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair feeling as dry as the saharah dessert. It is a shampoo that definitely leaves your hair feeling loved and not sucked dry which makes me happy.

Silky Smooth Proactive Hair Repairing Treatment

Now if you are looking for a way to boost your hair confidence the Mayraki silky smooth proactive hair repairing treatment is a MUST. This is a miracle worker I can’t even begin to tell you. After using this for a week some of my curls are starting to get that sexy bounce again! Best part is I noticed a difference in my hair legit after one use so I know this will make anyone happy as a clam when it comes to results.

Mayraki has an amazing line of vegan hair care products that will make your hair dreams come true. The best part is that they have something for everyone no matter what it is you might need for your hair.

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