Couples Massage

My hubby is an essential worker, which means he has been having quite the pandemic working exceptionally hard for his family and city. So naturally, this year, I really wanted to find something that would keep giving back to him all year round for Father’s Day. After all, he is special to me every day of the year so I wanted something that I could give that could be used on a daily basis. 

Working at a refinery my hubby is working ten hour shifts, usually several hundred floors up in the air. This man comes home sore and tired all over and that has only gotten worse as the years have gone on. Sadly we just aren’t getting any younger and the years are definitely catching up to us more these days. Which got me thinking about how much he loves foot rubs after a hard day. 

But here’s the thing, i’m not very good at the whole massage thing… 

That is when I found the perfect idea: Melt Couples Massage Courses.

Melt Couples Massage Courses are such an amazing gift idea, especially for those of us in a pinch for ideas. These online courses give you PG rated instructions on how to give the best massages making it perfect for beginners who may be self conscious. They make them super easy to follow, and adaptable for your relationships wants and needs at the time. These are perfect to follow along with and gain the ground work to help you give great massages for a lifetime. 

Melt Massage

Included in the online couples course are three classes: beginner, intermediate and advanced that you are able to do completely at your own pace. But trust me when I say you really want to make it to class 3: Deep Tissue massage to gain that “drop” moment with your partner. Something you will get a glimpse of when you go to take your course. Every class is beautifully instructed with lots of easy explanations and even some adaptations for those of us with weaker thumbs. Denis Merkas goes above and beyond to ensure you walk away having improved your massage game 1000% which means you’ll be able to give the best massages for a lifetime.

Denis Merkas, the instructor behind these classes, has over 15 years experience which has made him an Australian Massage Therapist to both his lovely family and the stars like: Pearl Jam, Art Garfunkel, The Pussycat Dolls, Flo Ryda, James Earl Jones. He is the perfect person to be sharing his easy to learn techniques through his amazing online massage courses he has curated perfectly for couples at home.

Melt Massage

This Father’s Day Melt is holding a great sale (ends June 20th) on their luxurious courses making it the perfect time to snag these couples massage classes at a steal of a price. This is a gift that will just keep on giving throughout the year. Helping you and your partner ease each others pains while connecting on an intimate level when before you were both just tired and phone scrolling your nights away. With a range of different options and price ranges (starting as low as $34.95 for a 3 month subscription) making it the perfect idea for any and all budgets too! 

Sit and connect this Father’s day; create a quiet space, light some candles and get some luscious oils, make some magic cause your partner deserves it. You’ll be amazed how good you feel just being quiet with one another while learning together with these great step by step courses. 

BONUS these massage techniques don’t just have to be used with your partner! You can apply what you learn in these courses to help your kids and babies during bedtime routine or anyone else you love that needs a little help. There are even techniques for those of us with weaker thumbs so that they wont get sore and you can still give an amazing massage. 

I am thrilled to have found Melt just in time for Father’s Day so now I can help ease my partners hard working muscles at the end of his long ten hour days. It will be the most beautiful way to connect with one another at the end of the day and make my partner feel appreciated for all that he does for us. 
Don’t miss out on Melt’s amazing Father’s Day sales so you can get the most for your money!

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