No matter where I was in Greece Loacker cookies [Italian made cookies] followed me and I completely fell in love with them. So when they wanted to send me their line of flavors I jumped on the chance, totally gleeful that I could now enjoy these Loacker cookies at home here in Canada. This delicious line of wafer cookies is perfect for any get together whether it is tea time with your girlfriends or late night coffees after dinner.

Each flavor combo is perfect for snacking and I warn you against eating them when super hungry.. they disappear far too quickly. From fruit to chocolate these little treats are a favorite, not just with me, but all over Europe. There wasn’t a hotel or corner store that didn’t have these goodies and there is a very good reason for that – they’re beyond delicious.

Loacker Cookies

Loacker cookies are pretty special as they only use Italian hazelnuts to create the chocolately hints in the cookies. The hazelnuts are carefully selected and roasted on-site at Loacker so they can develop their distinctive and intense flavour. They give Loacker’s sweet delicacies a clear quality advantage. Originally, hazelnuts cultivated around Naples were used – hence the name Napolitaner for wafers with hazelnut flavour. This precious ingredient can be found in nearly all Loacker products: They can include up to 20 per cent of the best hazelnuts.

Mixed with the mountain water and the quality dairy they use, you can taste the love and national pride in each and every cookie. With no colorings, no preservatives and no hydrogenated fats in these cookies you can eat without guilt and maybe treat those kids a little more than usual.

So if you are looking for a great cookie to enjoy when the kids aren’t looking this is going to be your new choice. They have a flavor for everyone and for anytime and you can now find them at Superstores, Wal Mart and many other great grocery locations across Canada!

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