I know Valentine’s day is going to be a little different this year. Covid has made it a very different year, long distance relationships are going their longest periods without seeing one another, and couples in cities are having a hard time finding space to connect safely. Thankfully Lelo knows that and really knows how to help couples stay connected not to mention do Valentine’s day gifts right.

Just because it has been crazy year doesn’t mean we can’t find amazing ways to connect with one another regardless of your relationship situation. Which is exactly where Lelo comes into play, no pun intended.

If you aren’t familiar with the wonderful people at Lelo they are leaders in pleasure items, making them the perfect for Valentine’s day. Whether you are trying to add some spice in the bedroom or you and your partner are trying to stay connected while miles apart they have something perfect for you and your partner.

Sona 2 Cruise

This little beauty is the perfect addition to the bedroom, especially for solo adventures. The Sona 2 Cruise is a great addition to your bedroom toys. With its super soft texture and incredible speed, intensity and rhythm options you’re soul will be leaving for the heavens in mere moments. The best part about this model, unlike the regular Sona they have, when you put pressure on on the top it will increase intensity without ever having to touch buttons or make adjustments. It intuitively knows what you’d like making it my new favorite mind reader. Never has cruise control been so good, and this beauty is even on sale right now making it the perfect gift for her, or yourself this Valentine’s Day.


F1s Developer Red Kit

Now what about the boys?? That’s right we are all about equal opportunities for pleasure here at Mumfection and that is why I can’t wait to tell you about this tech marvel. The F1s Developer Red Kit is an amazing way to stay connected if you are in a long distance relationship. There is even an app for you so you can track what pleasure you like, track progress and hopefully so much more as this tech develops. Zoom dates just got super spicy for Valentine’s Day and these two toys will blow you out of the water.

With these gifts in mind you are bound to have a memorable Valentine’s day and add some much needed spice to your relationship. Whether you are far apart or in the same room there are always new amazing ways to add spice to your life with Lelo!

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