Mother’s day is just around the corner and it is never too soon to think about what you might want this year. So why not think about ways you can boost your bedroom experience. Whether you are hitting it solo or looking for something to enjoy with your partner think Lelo this Mother’s Day .

Lelo has a great and wide variety of toys perfect for for solo time in the bedroom or shared. All of you saw my review on their amazing Sona Cruise 2, well their Soraya Wave with luxurious rabbit massager is another one you need to add to your toy box. It is a toy that will never disappoint you and it even comes with a one year warranty making it a great invest piece in your pleasure.

Soraya Wave: world’s most luxurious rabbit massager, perfect for Mother’s Day.

The Soraya Wave is designed beautifully in both appearance and performance. Made perfectly in order to deliver toe-curling orgasms with its ultra-smooth silicone exterior and amazing array of settings to play with. There are a mind boggling amount of divine ways to use this beauty and all its options in the bedroom.


But why do they call it the “wave”??

I think you can guess why! This baby will provide you with wave like orgasms and if you let him he will help you achieve those multiples you always want. It can deliver on its promise consistently which is something that would be a great gift this Mother’s Day: consistent orgasms. What more could a girl ask for?! With 8 different vibration patterns that pair with multiple WaveMotion™ options. The wave motions of course being the amazing “come hither” movements it makes.


So if you are looking to gift or receive something this Mother’s Day, let it be something all of us moms need. A sweet release and some mind blowing orgasms!

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