Vegan ready make meals

For many families trying to reduce their meat consumption is something that is on their minds. They want to be more earth friendly when they eat and introducing vegan or vegetarian meals can be a wonderful way to do that. But learning to cook vegan can be a bit daunting for first timers but these amazing companies are making incredible vegan ready make meals your family will love.

Lasagna by Komo

I can’t speak about this Lasagna more highly, it was top notch and definitely better than even meat varieties I have had. I was even told that they created a chickpea béchamel sauce that is what makes it so incredibly good and creamy and cheesey tasting even with NO CHEESE. Paired with tomato lentil ragu and their tofu ricotta and it is legit easy dinner heaven on earth.

What’s even better is that Komo makes more than just this Lasagna in regards to ready make meals. That means you can have Shepard’s Pie, Chickenless Pot Pie, Tacos and so much more! They’re amazing plant based options that will honestly make your tummy so happy!

Vegan ready make meals

Om Noms Teriyaki by Yumasoy

Chicken Teriyaki is one of my families favorite things to eat and Yumasoy has figured out a great way to create a plant based version ANYONE would be happy to eat. I honestly really like this and didn’t think I was going to enjoy “tofu curls” but these are SO GOOD. I am loving how plant based ready to eat foods are getting better and better making this lifestyle more and more accessible to people. Try them, you will be blown away with them!

Yumasoy doesn’t just do one flavor either they have a few in their line including: Thai Yellow Curry and Italian! They are great to add to any dish you are creating whether it is noodles, rice or how about in a kebab or salad? The options are endless and you can even find easy recipe suggestions on their website which takes all the guess work out of it.

Vegan ready make meals

Dal Bukhara by Urban Tadka

If you love Indian food you HAVE to try these heavenly ready make meals by Urban Tadka. While I was at the wellness show this year I got the chance to test out their Dal Bukhara and I was legitimately blown away. It was sooo good it was like I was at a Michelin star restaurant right there in the middle of this convention. They are really that good and the best part? They come in 2 serving bags you just have to reheat in water for 20 mintues. Pair it with rice and dinner is DONE. These were especially exciting for me as my family isn’t always into Indian food but I am so having this super easy option is great for me on nights I might not want Tacos again for the millionth time.

Vegan ready make meals

All these companies are changing the vegan world and in turn the lives of many amazing families who want to enter into the world of vegan eating more easily. These vegan ready make meals are making being vegan that much easier!

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