Affordable Home Decor

Decorating my eclectic house has been an uphill battle. Not only do I want my house to have a cozy, vintage, creative vibe I also need to do that on a budget. Which means I have been updated bits and pieces of my home for years. One area that has been recently bothering me was my plain empty hallway space. It is one of the first places you see in my home as you walk in the front door and it is commonly the hallway people use to get to our bathroom. Many eyes are on this area and I always thought it was so empty looking. Thankfully the good folks at Poster Store wanted to help me find some affordable home decor that would fit in perfectly with my vibe.

This was the hallway space in all its empty looking glory…

Affordable Home Decor

It was alright, but it wasn’t great. I knew I wanted to keep my grandmother’s mirror in place but wanted to remove the cheap art piece that was there completely. I wanted a wall of art and have space to collect pretty things to compliment my art choices. Of course art is not cheap and sadly I am not like my sister when it comes to real art: she is the true artist and I am the writer in the family.

The Poster Store makes creating a creative wall space very easy with a massive selection of art, their great quality affordable frames and their gallery wall ideas. No matter the vibe you are looking for, space you are trying to decorate they have something that fits the bill. From Harry Potter to Pink Princess they have the ideal art to elevate your space on a budget.

It took me a while to decide what look I wanted to have, I new I wanted something elegant that would make me smile. Something that would remind me of good times and hopeful dreams of future travel. I wanted wanderlust with memories, naturally I went with a Greece theme. I adored our honeymoon to Greece so much I still yearn to be back there and often tell my hubby: “I just want to go back home to Greece.” I truly felt at home, at peace and filled with excitement when I was there, I honestly regret not sending for the children and starting a new life there and never coming home.

But we did come home, and I miss it everyday so I want to have as much of it as I can in my home. I decided on three different Greek scenes that were either places I actually have been (and seen with my own eyes) or places in Greece we didn’t get a chance to see the first time around but want to the next time.

Affordable Home Decor

The pieces I chose were: Santorini Flowers Poster (size 30x40cm with 30x40cm gold frame), Pink Flower Door Poster (size 21x30cm with 21x30cm gold frame) and the Sunset View Poster (size 21x30cm paired with a 30x40cm passepartout and a 30x40cm gold frame).

Affordable Home Decor

The posters we chose were perfect for us, and reminded us of all the amazing time we spent there. Not only that but it inspires us to work hard so we can go back there again. Paired with their quality frames, we chose gold, you will be so pleased with any selections you make for your space.

Their posters are produced on age-resistant uncoated 200g premium matte paper. Their prints’ thickness boosts longevity and makes them suitable for hanging even without a frame. The superb quality and visual reproduction of the posters are unparalleled. I couldn’t be happier with my selections, with my hallway and with their products.

Affordable Home Decor

If you are ever looking to redo a wall space, stage a home, or create the perfect vibe for your teens bedroom Poster Store has so many ideas for inspiration. Creating that Instagram gallery wall look has never been so easy with their simple break downs and decor suggestions.

I will definitely be back again when my kids are ready to add some more personality to their rooms!

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