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Welcome to our Homeschooling Parent Interview Series, where we invite you to peek into the lives of extraordinary families who have embraced the homeschooling adventure! 🏡✨

In this heartwarming series, we’re diving deep into the stories of homeschooling parents from diverse backgrounds, exploring their innovative teaching methods, daily routines, and the magical moments that make homeschooling a truly transformative experience. Each interview is a window into the personalized, creative, and nurturing learning environments these parents have crafted for their children.

Prepare to be inspired by their passion, dedication, and the incredible love they infuse into every lesson. From homeschooling veterans to newcomers, these parents share their triumphs, challenges, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler, considering this educational path, or simply curious about the homeschooling lifestyle, these interviews offer a wealth of wisdom and inspiration.

So, join us on this enlightening journey as we celebrate the diverse tapestry of homeschooling families. We hope these stories fill your heart with inspiration and ignite your own homeschooling dreams. Let’s dive into the world of personalized education, where each family’s unique journey becomes a beacon of creativity, resilience, and the boundless possibilities of learning! 📚❤️

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Interview with Beckie Campbell

What inspired your family to choose homeschooling over traditional education?
Initially, Covid. For grade 4, we just felt more comfortable keeping her home until things got figured out. Then, in grade 5, it became about keeping her out of bullying situations that weren’t being dealt with adequately by the school.

How did you prepare yourselves and your child emotionally for the transition to homeschooling?
There wasn’t much prep. It was thrust upon us and then we just continued. As far as grade 5 and 6, there was more prep required to get her TO brick and mortar. Making the choice to homeschool took the weight off all of us.

Can you describe your homeschooling approach, whether it’s structured, unschooling, or a combination of methods?
As a human, I am very unstructured. We both started off with a gusto, and by the end, we just did the required amount and made the best of it. A lot of our homeschool adventure was focussing on emotional wellbeing and mental health. Academics were there, but not as immediate.

How do you tailor the curriculum to meet your child’s individual learning needs and interests?
We used a lot of accommodations, like talk to text, audio books, etc. We tried to focus lessons around things she liked, in order to keep her engaged.

Are there any unique teaching methods or resources that have been particularly effective for your kid/s?
In our case, having structure was super important. We did two different types of HS and one was laid out in sections with definite start and finish. The other was way more open ended. While Initially appealing, it was just too difficult to stick to.

What does a typical homeschooling day look like for your family?
When we started, there were times broken down for each subject of the day, then some free time and afternoon structure. But that went to hell fast. We tried, but again, without someone there making sure we were both on task, we fell off.

What challenges have you faced during your homeschooling journey, and how did you overcome them?
My own struggles with discipline and creating structure and my daughter’s headstrong insistence to not do the work were our biggest issues. We took things day by day and I didn’t push on the days that were going nowhere.

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How do you handle subjects or topics that you might not be an expert in yourself?
Lots and lots of Google.

Can you share a specific instance where you witnessed your child’s growth or breakthrough, academically or emotionally?
When my daughter was able to have free reign and accommodations that allowed her to work freely, I saw her excel.

Are there homeschooling support groups, co-ops, or community activities your family participates in?
We had a tutor we were able to hire through Self Design, as we have funding through the government

In what ways has your child’s social experience differed from that in traditional school settings?
She was able to relax and learn. We didn’t spend nights stressing about her next day and mornings in tears because she didn’t want to go.

How has the parent-child relationship evolved through the homeschooling journey for you if at all?
I know better how to approach her in her times of discourse. We learned how to work together better. I feel as if I have earned a huge amount of her trust, knowing she can rely on me to listen and take her out of situations she doesn’t feel safe in.

What advice would you give to parents who are considering homeschooling their children?
Do your research. Be aware that it isn’t always going to go well. You will get frustrated. Give yourself grace, you WILL feel that you aren’t doing enough, but you are most likely doing more in a day than your child would be doing in brick and mortar. The experience may challenge your own ingrained beliefs about what school means/is

If you could transport your homeschool to any historical era for a week of themed learning, where and when would you go? What subjects or topics would you explore with your child in that time period?
I would love to go back to Egypt, or Babylon, or Mesopotamia. We would study the different ways people lived, how their lives were structured, etc.

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