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We were given the amazing opportunity to check out the latest exhibit at Science World; all about the Trex and all his close relatives. Invited for a day of learning we were thrilled to have a homeschooling field trip at one of our favorite places in the city Science World.

Throughout our day of exploring the exhibit we managed to learn so many things that we never knew before. In fact we even managed to come up with a great worksheet for older homeschooling kids:

Science World

From February 26, 2022 to January 22, 2023, T. rex: The Ultimate Predator will be on display at Science World. This astounding exhibit will introduce you to the entire tyrannosaur family, revealing the epic tale of the world’s most iconic dinosaur through life-sized models, fossil casts, and interactives. It will be one of the most interactive and up-close ways to learn about these impressive predators without the dangers of Jurassic Park.

There was so much to explore at this exhibit, even an adorable digging archeology station for the younger kids to do some hands on learning. It would have been nice to see a bit more parent regulation and turn taking but it is very exciting to be able to do hands on stuff again for the little ones.

Of course there is so much to learn even if you aren’t a tiny little one and I mean A LOT. In fact by the time I left I was feeling:
1) Super misinformed from my younger days of learning about dinosaurs.
2) Wowed by all the new things I learned!

Science World is encouraging visitors to use their imaginations to investigate how the Tyrannosaurus rex might have looked and behaved more than 66 million years ago. You and your kids can investigate this incredible creature in all stages of its life as you tour the gallery. Seeing this magnificent creature from a young, furry baby to a massive, fully grown apex predator over the course of its 100 million years of evolution is something spectacular.

If you are planning a fun day with your dino loving family or are just looking for a great field trip option for your homeschoolers; make sure to book your tickets online!

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