Royal BC Museum
** This Royal BC Museum post is sponsored by Tourism Victoria – this experience was gifted **

If you are looking for something fun to do with in Victoria I have a great must do suggestion the Royal BC Museum. It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your whole family, no matter what your age. We were lucky enough to get a chance to check it out while we were there a couple weekends ago giving me the chance to share a little bit about it here with all of you!

All the boys in the house were so excited to head to the Museum for the very first time and I was especially excited for their latest Maya exhibit. After all I am named after a Maya God: Ixchel and I couldn’t wait to finally see my name all over things for once in my life. Of course it was filled with tons of things for the kids to actually touch, play with and marvel at. It was a great exhibit and seeing myself was the highlight of it for sure.

There was so much to see in the Maya exhibit and they made it so interactive just like the rest of their incredible hands on floors. They really do go all out for their guests to create a completely submersive learning environment which is priceless to us all. Each turn you take you are bound to discover something amazing, like this HUGE mammoth my son just LOVED.

Of course they had more than just Mayan artifacts and a mammoth they have a whole replica city of old Canada you can explore that is so detailed it will make you jaw drop. You can even pan for gold inside, something my youngest didn’t want to stop doing.

Royal BC Museum

Getting to see into the lives of not only those who began Canada as a colony but also those who were here first. They have such a beautiful look into the lives of the first nations and work hard to help preserve their so many dying languages. It truly is awe-inspiring to see their full collection of items and totem poles they have inside.

If you are planning to head on a ferry ride to Victoria then you have to make sure to take the time to enjoy the Royal BC Museum. You can even check out an IMAX film while you are there if you are interested. Make sure to eat first or pack snacks as you are going to need a couple of hours to see and enjoy everything.

There are lots of spots inside to sit and stop along the way if you have mobility issues or soreness and they make the museum as accessible as possible for all their patrons. They even have nice quiet areas for those with sensory issues who need a break.

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