Brenna at The Loft

I am absolutely head over heels for the incredible experience I had at The Loft in Port Moody with the talented and fantastic Brenna at The Loft. She is not just a stylist, but a true artist who has captured my heart. From the moment I walked through the door, Brenna’s warm and bubbly personality made me feel like I was in the presence of someone truly special. And let me tell you, her skills as a curl expert are nothing short of miraculous, especially for someone like me who struggles in that department. The tips and tricks she shared with me were like gold dust, transforming my hair into a masterpiece and making it easy for me to do it at home without her.

Being in Brenna’s chair felt like being in the presence of a dear friend, someone who just gets you and knows exactly what you need. And the cherry on top? The Loft is located in one of the cutest neighborhoods in the lower mainland, adding an extra layer of charm to an already magical experience.

Location Vibes

From the moment I set foot near the salon, a wave of excitement and anticipation rushed through me. The vibrant energy of the area, coupled with the inviting outdoor community space, set the stage for what I knew was going to be a truly memorable day. And as I entered Bianco, with The Loft nestled upstairs, I felt a sense of belonging and reassurance that I was in the right place.

The warmest of welcomes and the most infectious smiles greeted me as I stepped inside. From the moment I took my seat, I was showered with offers of refreshments and every comfort I could possibly desire – their dedication to pampering was unparalleled. The salon itself was a sight to behold, bathed in natural light and adorned with impeccable cleanliness. As a mother myself, I understood the importance of this for true relaxation, just as Brenna and her team clearly did.

About Brenna

Brenna’s journey in the world of hair styling is nothing short of awe-inspiring, spanning over two decades of dedication and passion. For an impressive 17 years, she has immersed herself in the principles of Aveda, not just as a professional, but as a reflection of her core values and unwavering commitment to sustainability, wellness, and compassion.

Her love for Aveda’s botanical-based products runs deep, intertwining seamlessly with her ethics and beliefs. With each client she touches, Brenna weaves a story of beauty and environmental consciousness, using cruelty-free, vegan formulations to work magic and create breathtaking transformations.

A true artist at heart, Brenna’s expertise shines in her specialization in creative colors and curly hair. Every style she creates is a masterpiece, a symbol of individuality and a mirror to the soul of each client. With a unique touch for curly hair, she empowers her clients to embrace their natural beauty with confidence, celebrating diversity and authenticity in its purest form.

But it’s not just her technical skills that set Brenna apart—it’s her warmth, her passion, and her infectious enthusiasm that create an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie. Each appointment with her is not just a hair transformation, but an experience of connection, inspiration, and empowerment. Brenna doesn’t just style hair, she touches lives with her artistry and heart.

But What About My Hair?!

Now, let me tell you about the incredible experience I had with Brenna. She is not just exceptional, she is truly extraordinary. From the moment I walked in, Brenna listened attentively to my needs and concerns, ensuring that our styling journey began with a deep understanding of what I wanted. I felt confident in her ability to make me feel absolutely divine by the time I left her chair. She didn’t just focus on styling; she prioritized the health of my hair, which was so important to me after going so long without a cut. Brenna addressed every concern I had, setting the stage for a truly transformative experience.

Brenna at The Loft

When it came to choosing colors, Brenna’s expertise was unmatched. I wanted captivating red tones, and she embraced the challenge with fearlessness. Using Aveda’s top-notch products, we decided on a strategic approach—a semi-permanent dye to enhance my dark brown base, paired with a vibrant permanent red underneath. This genius combination promised long-lasting results and minimized the hassle of frequent touch-ups and root maintenance. With Brenna’s expert touch and the quality assurance of Aveda, I knew I was in for a stunning transformation.

Brenna at The Loft

Brenna was truly a curly haired blessing for me and I am so happy that I have found my forever hair soulmate. I don’t think I will be able to trust my hair to anyone else and I can’t wait to see what we do the next time I book an appointment! You can find Brenna on Instagram, or book an appointment with her at The Loft!

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