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I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided.

Our family is always actively looking for ways to incorporate as many natural products into our day to day life. It seems everywhere you turn there is another thing you need to worry about so we are doing our best to lower those risks. Toothpaste has been one of the harder ones to solve as my family is apparently super picky; thankfully Green Beaver had my back.

Green Beaver is actually the only Naturapeutic toothpaste approved by Health Canada; managing to prevent cavities and tooth decay without fluoride. That is a lot of stress free brushes for those of you with really young kids who can’t consume fluoride. Green Beaver toothpastes gently clean and polish teeth using only 100% safe and natural ingredients. They are non-GMO, free of artificial flavours and dyes, and they do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate**. Their key ingredient is actually Xylitol which is made from birch extract and helps fight bacteria that causes cavities, tooth decay and plague build up.

Green Beaver

So when Green Beaver was kind enough to offer us a box of their line I jumped on the chance. With my boys, husband included in that, being so picky about taste and brushing in general I was incredibly eager to get them to try all the flavors. Turns out each of them like a different one… welcome to my life people.

My youngest loved the Strawberry which is actually made with real strawberries making it top tier in my eyes. If your little one likes bubblegum they actually even use real cherries to create it, isn’t that neat?! The zesty orange flavor was definitely my oldest sons favorite, being a juice drinker in the morning he loved how this paste didn’t clash with flavors throughout his day. For a teen boy food interference is a big deal, they eat non stop.

Both the zesty orange and green apple flavors even have an added boost, both have added vitamin C and calcium. Helping to strengthen teeth and prevent scurvy as my youngest son will boast. We have been doing a lot of studies in regards to sea exploration and pirates this week so this is a big topic for him.

For my hubby and I, we both landed on one favorite and that is their whitening toothpaste. With a traditional mint flavor we felt most at home with this one, but how does an all natural toothpaste whiten teeth? Well Green Beaver uses papaya extract which has been clinically proven to whiten teeth naturally after just three days. We have definitely seen an improvement. My husband, having recently quit smoking, has been very self conscious about his teeth. We hope that this natural toothpaste will help him gain that confidence that smoking has taken away from him.

If you are family who is also trying to make more conscious choices about the products your family uses Green Beaver is truly here to help. With a wide range of products you can easily start making steps towards less chemicals in your life.

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**Sodium lauryl sulfate is an inexpensive and effective foaming agent found in many products. It is known to be toxic to aquatic organisms. You can find out more about it here and why we do our best to avoid it now from David Suzuki.

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