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We talked a little while ago about how I will be starting a new journey as a homeschooling parent with COVID making the upcoming school year unpredictable. Our family has decided that it is the best way to go about our kids education, to create the least amount of interruptions and the most consistent learning environment. Of course those decisions don’t come without sacrifices but we are facing a new normal that is filled with maybes and what if’s and we are all trying to make our way with the knowledge we have at hand. Lots of other parents are going to be in the same boat and lots of us are doing this for the very first time and that means we need all the help we can get, which is why I have been working on this list of great FREE homeschooling resources for parents.

After all home schooling will also come with new costs which means we are all going to need amazing FREE options to help supplement our children’s learning. Thankfully there are so many amazing people and companies who are making our educational journey that much easier.

Homeschool Canada

Have no idea what home schooling really entails? Have a lot of unanswered questions? Well Homeschool Canada is a great resource to help answer any of those questions. Whether you are worried about the laws in regards to homeschooling in each province or are hoping to connect with a community of seasoned homeschool-ers this is what you need. They even have a great e-book resource that really helps spell things out a little better.


Vooks is an online audiobook company that is making life cheaper and easier for parents by offering a FREE year subscription to their services. With lovely animation and a great collection of kids books this is a great way to help visual learners with their reading comprehension. Not only that they also have amazing free lesson plan resources that are really well put together and go perfectly with their large and ever growing book collection.

The Canadian Homeschooler

Sometimes we need a seasoned homeschooler to help show us the way and you can definitely find that at the Canadian Homeschooler website. With everything from Preschool to high school they have everything you will need to help make you feel a little more confident in the day to day lesson plan ideas and curriculum help. With this being such a new journey for so many of us it is important to know and understand that you will need help and where you can find it.

Free Homeschooling Resources
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Virtual Field Trip Ideas

With field trips not happening in schools it will be important for all of us to take a moment to think about how we can incorporate those types of hands on learning environments while at home. Thankfully so many amazing museums and aquariums have created free virtual tours of their spaces to help all of us still visit even if we can’t make it in due geographical or timing reasons. From the Louvre to the M & M’s factory this list provides you with LOTS of amazing sites to see.  They even have a list of amazing landmarks and zoo’s that can help with any lesson plans you are trying to put together.

Local Resources

Keep an eye on your own cities museums, libraries and art galleries for anything they may be putting together in light of COVID learning. There are so many amazing projects that they are working hard on to help keep provide those educational services within the constraints of our new normal. It is so important to show support so always keep an eye open. For example the Vancouver Maritime Museum will be holding a great online event with the author and illustrator of Kah-lan and the Stink-ink happening September 24th @ 9:30am PST. They are even asking parents and teachers to fill out a survey that will help them develop new programming within the confines of our new COVID normal. If you have the time please fill it out HERE. I love that they are taking the time to ask parents and teachers exactly what we’d love to see going forward and what kinds of programming we are comfortable with.

Indigenous Educational Resources

Ensuring a well rounded education is of the upmost importance and as a Canadian I think it is incredibly important present our history in full which should always include indigenous studies. If you need help with your own education on the topic this is a great resource which of course includes teacher resources to help you include the information in your lesson plans at home. Of course there is also an incredible free course that is also being offered via Coursera and the University of Alberta that is definitely another great source of information.

So just know moms and dads; you are not alone there are lots of homeschooling resources all over to help with your kids education plan at home and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help!

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