FlyOver Canada Windborne

FlyOver Canada never disappoints when it comes to their incredible fully immersive experiences in the heart of the downtown Vancouver. Whether you are looking for holiday fun with your family, want to see all the beauty of Canada or even northern lights, FlyOver is the place to be. Their latest experience: Windborne, is truly something special. Windborne has been developed on the Indigenous territories of, and in collaboration with, the Blackfoot, Nakoda, Tsuut’ina, and Ktunaxa Nations.

On for a limited time, June 30th – September 25th, Windborne takes you on a breathtaking journey over the Canadian Rockies. Showing you incredible scenery that very few get to explore and see for themselves. Such a beautiful opportunity to see these incredible landscapes for the many of us that may never get to see them up close and in person. Making this experience one you will probably want to do over and over again before it is gone.

FlyOver Canada
Photo Credit FlyOver Canada

FlyOver Canada worked beautifully with the Indigenous communities of the areas to highlight their culture, educate and create a thoughtful conversation on our relationship with nature. It was such an inspiring experience that will make you leave wanting to feel more connected to the world and people around you. Which is why I thought it was the perfect thing to take your whole family to, get a cute group picture before your departure, get a treat following your show and really enjoy all that FlyOver has to offer.

FlyOver Canada Windborne
Photo Credit FlyOver Canada

“The Windborne pre-show and flight ride will immerse guests in one of the world’s most
beautiful mountain regions,” said Dave Mossop. “The experience takes guests to the very heart
of the Canadian Rockies, sharing stories of people who heard the call of the region and
developed a lifelong connection to it. We are so proud of this, and I have no doubt guests will
gain a new respect and reverence for the Canadian Rockies.”

– FlyOver Canada PR release for Windborne 2022

Booking tickets in advance online will guarantee your time choice and give you the best deals so make sure to check out their offers! Don’t miss out on this incredible journey across the Canadian Rockies, not only is it jaw droppingly beautiful it is very educational for families.

What else can you do at FlyOver Canada?

Well not only can you enjoy multiple trips across Canada and the Rockies there is also an incredible gift shop to explore filled with amazing goodies. All items are perfect for taking home souvenirs or just to collect and help a local Canadian business! Once you are doing doing a little shopping you can always grab a drink and a treat over at their Flying Whale waterfront cafe. It is perfect for a nice bite to eat pair with the divine view of Stanley Park and any cruise ships parked nearby.

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