There is nothing that our family loves more than the annual arrival of Fan Expo Vancouver. We have been attending Fan Expo since day one and have loved watching the expo evolve along with our kids growing up. We have made some of the best memories as a family at these expos: playing all the games, interviewing celebrities‘ and buying all the things! We’ve discovered so many things at the expo from brands to incredible artists, it has been a gift to go each and every year. This year, with it being on Family Day weekend, will be jam packed with amazing things for the whole family to do!

Family Fun At Fan Expo Vancouver

K-Pop Dance Class – UBC K-Wave, a K-Pop dance troupe, will perform at the FAN EXPO Vancouver Cosplay Craftsmanship Cup, and fans will be able to learn a dance move or two at their drop-in K-Pop Class.

Kids Cosplay Contest – Future stars of cosplay aged 12 and under can demonstrate their skills in FXV’s first youth cosplay competition. What better way to nurture your little Cosplay dreamer than to show them to follow their dreams and show off their skills with other kids into the same things! This is a great opportunity to learn from other kids and parents about Cosplay in a wonderful safe space.

Disney Cosplay Meetup – On the first day, around noon, there will be a Disney Cosplay meetup in Photo Park. This is a great chance for your littles to meet with some of their favorite characters, or even show off their own costumes, again, with like minded people.

Poké-Monday – On Monday, fans will try to “catch ’em all” as FXV celebrates all things Pokémon. Guests will be able to meet Sarah Natochenny, the voice behind “Ash Ketchum,” test their Pokémon knowledge during trivia, make a pom-pom Pikachu, hunt for Pokémon around the convention centre, go to Pokémon training camp, and much more.

The Great FAN EXPO Vancouver Baby Race – Come and see if your baby is the next Flash at the first FXV baby race. Both crawlers and toddlers are welcome and it is going to be the cutest race in Fan Expo history we can feel it.

Fan Expo Vancouver

Family Zone – As always there will be a great family zone space at Fan Expo where kids will be able to hang out and do all the fun things all in one area! This makes wrangling your little ones a little easier, especially for the little ones. There will be lots of things to do in the Family Zone so keep and eye on the schedule what you can get up to this year! Padawan training, knight fights, pokemon, crafts, Science, Jurassic Park and so much more!

What Else Can You Do At Fan Expo?

There is always so much to do each and every year that is can be overwhelming for people, especially newcomers who haven’t been to an expo before. If you don’t like crowds definitely best to prepare for them the best that you can: bring ear protection if needed, pain pills in case you get headaches or get back pain walking a long time, etc… A little time preparing will ensure you are going to have a great time for as long as possible at one of the best Fan Expo’s ever.

Celebrity Meets & Q&As – There is no shortage of amazing celebrity guests. Fan Expo covers it all with stars from all genres: voice actors, artists, and even famous cosplayers. There are many ways to see your favorite celebs in person at these incredible events.

Artist Alley – Always my favorite spot to hang out endlessly for hours. You can see me browsing all the things. Every sticker, every painting and every steampunk item gets oo’d and aw’d at. I might be shy when it comes to talking to many of them but I adore their creations and am often sad I don’t have Musk-money to buy each and every item from them all.

Shopping – Even though I might not have Musk-money I adore a shopping weekend at Fan Expo and our family of 4 definitely makes a dent in our bank account each and every year. I mean when you go you will understand. There is so many amazing things, incredible people to support and props to be had!

Safe Space To Nerd Out – Fan Expo has always been an amazing safe space for anyone to nerd out about anything they love. No matter how obscure you’re likely to find something to gush over while you are there. There are so many people with the same interests it is almost impossible to walk away without a couple new friends or just see old ones in a whole new way! It is the best place to be and for kids it is a great place to learn from some experts and even those with hands on experience. Want to learn to play a game you can’t figure out?? Someone will help you figure it out, the vibes are amazing.

So go, have fun, nerd out and enjoy what you love without apology. Fan Expo Vancouver is for everyone!

Fan Expo Vancouver 2023 Days and Hours
Saturday, February 18 — Show hours: 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
Sunday, February 19 — Show hours: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Monday, February 20 — Show hours: 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Tickets are selling out really fast this year so if you haven’t already gotten tickets get them NOW – or you might miss out. BONUS they even extended Sunday’s hours by an hour so we have an extra hour of fun added to our weekend at Fan Expo!

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