As a mom, have you ever found yourself with only a handful of photos that include you and your kids? Do you wish you could capture more of those precious moments with your family? Look no further than Famtography!

According to a survey conducted by Chatbooks in 2020, 42% of mothers said they are not in enough family photos, and 25% said they avoid being in photos because they don’t like how they look. It’s a common struggle for moms to feel left out of family photos and to wish they had more opportunities to capture memories with their children. That’s where Famtography comes in.

What is Famtography?

Famtography is a new product that helps busy parents capture more photos with their kids by texting dads/partners with a weekly photo prompt and bite-sized tutorial for one year. This unique methodology was created by a professional photographer to help you recognize candid moments that are unique to your family, all while learning mobile photography skills along the way.

The tutorials are formatted as short TikTok-style videos that take less than 5 minutes to learn each week. The photo prompts range from specific moments to look for, to photo and video techniques to try out, along with examples. And the best part? Famtography is available for all phone types!

Why was Famtography created?

Founder and CEO Sarah Boland created Famtography when she found herself with only one photo that she didn’t ask to take or wasn’t a selfie with her twins four months into motherhood. As a professional photographer and a tech entrepreneur, she set out to build a product that would help her husband build the habit of taking more photos and teach him photography skills.

Famtography is not just about capturing more photos; it’s about capturing memories. It’s about creating a legacy for your family and generations to come. According to a study conducted by Canon in 2017, 77% of mothers wish they had more photos of themselves with their children. With Famtography, you’ll have a year’s worth of photo prompts and tutorials to help you capture those special moments with your kids. And to make it even easier, Famtography’s three signature Lightroom presets and the Mastering the Art of Family Photography guide are also included.

Famtography is currently available in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom for $29 USD in the United States and Canada, and £29 in the United Kingdom. This is a small investment for a lifetime of memories that make you smile rather than cringe!

Famtography is a revolutionary product that helps moms get in more photos with their kids. It’s perfect for families looking to capture memories, regardless of their photography talent. So why wait? Sign up for Famtography today and start capturing those precious moments with your family!

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