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Get ready to explore the exciting world of food, its bi-products, and its future at Science World’s SWEET (Science World’s Extravagant Evening for Teens) event on April 14th, 2023. This free event provides teens with a welcoming space to connect with peers who share similar interests and passions, engage in fun activities, and learn about the exciting world of STEAM!

The highlight of the event will be an interactive panel discussion on The Future of Food in a Thriving, Sustainable Future. Experts from culinary, agriculture, and sustainable eating industries will share their insights and knowledge with teens, showing them what they can do for the future of food in a thriving, sustainable future, all while having some fun. I was so happy to hear that these events were being put on for teens and was even more excited when I saw the new upcoming date for April.

SWEET will be filled with fun for teens at Science World!

The panel discussion will feature organizations such as SFU Faculty of Science, which will showcase ‘chemistry in the kitchen’, HoneyBee Centre, which will present a ‘honey tasting station’, and UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems, which will share ‘diversity of diets within diverse cultures and the science behind plant protein pairings’. There will also be many more organizations present, creating the opportunity for teens to interact with various groups about the importance of BC’s food ecosystem.

In addition to the panel discussion, attendees will get to explore food science stations and galleries. Some of the featured food-science exploration stations include SFU Faculty of Science (Chemistry in the Kitchen), HoneyBee Centre (honey tasting station near our Search Gallery live bee hive), UBC Faculty of Land and Food Systems (diversity of diets within diverse cultures & the science behind plant protein pairings), and many more.

Science World

Other exciting stations will be Flavourful Science (Flavour Indicators), BC Ministry of Agriculture (Let’s Talk Local), Science World’s Future Science Leaders (‘superfood’ titration), Science World’s Science Park Gallery Curator (food scraps in your garden, in our Science Park!), Science World’s Teen Advisory Group! (Smelling and Tasting, vegan food tasting, cookie chemistry and more!), EcoCooks, and Metro Vancouver’s Youth4Action Team.

The event will take place at Science World, located at 1455 Quebec Street, on Friday April 14th, 2023, from 6:00-9:00 pm. The event is FREE, so be sure to grab your tickets at:

All SWEET events are planned and run by Science World’s high school volunteer Teen Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG team plans, promotes, and runs the Science World Extravagant Evening for Teens (SWEET) events at Science World. We rarely have great events that are focused towards teens and it makes me so happy to see something like this being offered at Science World. This gives our oldest homeschooler a great chance to meet other kids who may also be homeschooling or just have similar interests and he can’t wait to check it out. I admit I am jealous I can’t go in!

I am sure this is going to be an exciting and educational evening, offering a great opportunity for teens to engage with experts in the food industry, explore food science stations and galleries, and learn about the importance of BC’s food ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this SWEET event!

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