Science World

There are few events in the city that are worth the money but After Dark events at Science World is DEFINITLEY one of them. I always have the most brilliant time exploring Science World without all the kids running around and screaming. Don’t get me wrong, I like some kids, I like my own kids, but as an adult I also enjoy things without them. Sometimes adults just need to enjoy a fun kid space without all the kids and I am so happy that Science World gives us all a chance to be a kid again at these themed After Dark nights.

Science World

This last After Dark event was really special though with their additional area to explore: Sacred Journey. Through art, immersive audio, video displays, and interactive experiences, Sacred Journey tells the powerful story of a People reclaiming traditions and ways of life—particularly through annual Tribal Canoe Journeys taken to revitalize cultures, heal communities, and empower the next generation.

Sacred Journey is a celebration of Northwest Coast canoe traditions, with modern Northwest Coast style graphic design and mask carving by Chazz Mack, Ian Reid (Nusi), Kelsey (KC) Hall, and Roy Henry Vickers. It is also an invitation for tourists to witness the transforming impact of Tribal Canoe Journeys and Indigenous teachings that hold answers to our world’s environmental and social challenges.

One of the most interesting parts for me was learning about traditional foods and the importance of food security. Being able to see the brilliant efforts to ensure food security for future generations. Bákvá demonstrates how food sustains the Heiltsuk; their connections with their territory, history, and knowledge systems—and, indeed, their very identity—through stories of The Big House (Gvákva’áus Hazaqv) and the arrival of herring (Wán ái), which feeds everyone and everything on the Pacific Coast. It was such an incredible learning experience, I am excited to add it to our homeschooling curriculum with my eldest this September.

Being able to explore exhibits without kids makes it so much easier to learn and read information at your own pace. Really getting the opportunity to experience Science World in a brand new way. Every month they host a great adults only night so don’t miss your chance to get tickets and enjoy a night of science without the kids!

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