Imagine Van Gogh

The other day I was talking all about how excited I was to get the opportunity to experience the Imagine Van Gogh here in Vancouver. Well I went and it was a total dream come true. The best part about the whole thing is learning that they have extended their stay here in Vancouver till August!

This means many of you who haven’t already gotten tickets will now have ample opportunity to get your chance. Of course the sooner you get them the better as this show has proven to sell out and FAST.

Imagine Van Gogh gives you an incredible look at some of Van Gogh’s most amazing paintings as well as an inside look at the life he lived. Filing 25,000 square feet this exhibit offers one of the most unique views into Van Gogh’s paintings. They beautiful showcase 200 of his works paired beautifully to music and blended perfectly into real life. Being able to see his work this big and up close gives you a whole new perspective. Each brush stroke is so intentional and you can see them like never before. Seeing Starry Night in such a big way really showcases how he first drew the concept of turbulence and wind motion.

Imagine Van Gogh runs about 35 minutes running through all the paintings twice, but one of the best parts about the whole thing is the beginning. They really take the time to give you a glimpse into the life of Van Gogh prior to seeing his beautiful works. Panel displays with snippets from letters he wrote and information on how he lived with his mental illnesses and so much more. For someone who may not know a lot about this amazing man it truly helps educate. One of the saddest but also my favorite letter snippets was this one, as if he knew his death would bring his art fame.

Imagine Van Gogh

Once you are done learning all about this life you move into the gallery space, have your mind blown for 35 minutes and then get your chance to browse their amazing little gift shop. You can snag prints, beautiful mugs/teacups or one of the most amazing Van Gogh dolls you will ever see. One of them even has a detachable ear which just killed me.

How I managed to go home without one, I have no idea but when I go again with my youngest I don’t know if I will be able to leave without him. I regret it every moment after I left, I need him in my life.

Snag your tickets online before its too late!

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