Chor Leoni

Escape into the enchantment of the holiday season with Chor Leoni, Vancouver’s esteemed male choir. Prepare to be immersed in pure magic during “Christmas with Chor Leoni.” Mark your calendars for the most captivating performances on December 15th at 7:30 pm, December 16th at 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm, and December 18th at 5 pm & 8 pm. Let the bewitching melodies, brought to life within the captivating walls of St. Andrew’s-Wesley United, transport you to a realm of unparalleled joy and wonder. Don’t miss your chance to experience the season’s breathtaking harmony with Chor Leoni.

Immerse yourself in the ethereal atmosphere of soaring architecture and breathtaking lighting design as Chor Leoni presents a festive fusion of traditional holiday classics and uplifting winter harmonies. This cherished Yuletide tradition is set to be even more special with the world premiere of “A Midnight Clear” by Vancouver’s own genre-defying composer and violinist, Cameron Wilson.

Erick Lichte, the Artistic Director of Chor Leoni, shares, “The holidays offer us a reason to gather together in light. Through the sound and spirit of Chor Leoni, along with the enveloping acoustics and stunning setting of St. Andrew’s-Wesley United, audiences will be bathed in the light of the season, filled with renewed love and hope for the year ahead.”

Chor Leoni
Photos by Phil Jack

Experience the extraordinary essence of the evening as we proudly present the world premiere of Cameron Wilson’s magnificent masterpiece, “A Midnight Clear.” This captivating creation, meticulously crafted in three sections, promises to transport your soul. Each member of Chor Leoni’s resplendent 65-voice choir brings their talent to create a tapestry of emotion that will leave you deeply moved.

Enveloped in the ethereal melodies created by the enchanting combination of piano, harp, acoustic guitar, and percussion, you will embark on an enchanting journey of wonder and revelation. The violin, a celestial instrument, will lend its magical touch to this symphony of voices and instruments.

Prepare to be captivated as you venture into the depths of mystery, where hidden truths reveal themselves through each harmonious progression. Uncover the profound message whispered in each crescendo and decipher the poignant tale these melodies wish to impart. But, hold on tight, for there is more to this musical odyssey. Brace yourself for the invigorating “Hoedown of Hope,” a joyous celebration that will resonate in your very core. Surrender yourself to the unrestrained joy that radiates from every fiber of this sublime symphony.

Chor Leoni
Photo by David Cooper

Gather together, music lovers, for this unparalleled experience awaits. Let the music guide you through this labyrinth of emotions, as we embark on a passionate and transformative journey, culminating in a triumphant celebration of life.

Wilson reflects on his composition, stating; “For me, the piece is really about hope. Hope for peace despite the ravages of war and hate. Hope for love and faith for a better future for all people. This is a message that resonates with all of us more than ever before.”

In addition to the enchanting world premiere, the audience will be treated to the Canadian premiere of Ola Gjeilo’s “New Year’s Carol,” a thoughtful exploration of the cyclical nature of the year and the anticipation of new beginnings.

The concert promises to be an unforgettable experience, one that will touch the deepest corners of your heart and fill you with joyous warmth. And as if that weren’t enough, there’s a special encore performance waiting for you, a truly magical composition by the renowned B.C. composer, none other than the talented Don Macdonald. “A Fantasy of Carols” is a celebration of our beloved traditional Christmas favorites, masterfully crafted to transport you to a world of enchantment and nostalgia. It is with great pride and reverence that Mr. Macdonald has been chosen as Chor Leoni’s esteemed Composer in Residence for the upcoming year, a role he embraces wholeheartedly with untamed passion and a strong sense of honor. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and emotion that will be brought to life on that stage. Join us, and let our music touch your soul.

Embark on this enchanting and wondrous expedition as we join forces with the extraordinary talents of harpist Vivian Chen, pianist Tina Chang, and guitarist Keith Sinclair. Together, we will create a breathtaking symphony that will ignite your soul and transport you to realms beyond imagination. Join Chor Leoni and our phenomenal musical guests on this mesmerizing voyage that will leave you spellbound.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the holiday magic! Secure your tickets now at and join Chor Leoni for an unforgettable celebration of quiet reflection and jubilant hope at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United. May the sounds of the season fill your heart with joy and anticipation for the year ahead.

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