Personalized DIY Bookmarks

I was recently gifted something that I have been dying to get my hands on. Sadly, like most households, the extra funds were just not there to ever get it. A friend of mine made my dreams come true and gifted me her machine and I have been playing around with it making personalized bookmarks to get familiar with it ever since.

I still need to get a lot of supplies for my new baby BUT I have been creating up a storm with what I do have. I have also been learning a BUNCH, this thing definitely comes with a learning curve but I am getting there slowly by doing simple things first.

Personalized DIY Bookmarks

How did I do it?

Now some of these were made using templates from the design program that this beauty comes with and others were a combo of that and my own ideas. The Tinkerbell was made using an outline piece I found and modified along with a cut template that the program had. The one I made for my son I compiled a few different drawings the program had and one of their cut designs and it worked great!

It did take a me a little while to figure out that I needed to select all the images I was using, hit “attach” in order to make sure they wouldn’t move around in the program when I went to make them. This is why we play around though.

Do you have a Cricut?? What is your favorite thing to make with it??! I want to hear all your tips and ideas especially when it comes to finding affordable supplies!

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