Disney on Ice Vancouver

Disney on Ice Vancouver is one of my favorite things to do, not just with my kids, but for myself too. I know it might seem silly but it really is one of those happy places for kids who don’t get to head to the Disneyland parks. These Disney shows are so special for me and my family as it helps me connect with those memories I have of my mum taking me waaaaay back in the 90s. I miss her so much and being able to enjoy these shows with my kids makes me heart so happy.

This year we were spoiled to the upmost extent, not only did we get to go ourselves as media but we also won tickets last moment so we could spoil even more people in our lives! It was just the icing on the cake this year after having missed so many in the past. Having Disney on Ice back in action has been the best part of the holidays for me already. In fact I think you can consider me done when it comes to gifts this Christmas cause Disney on Ice front row was priceless.

I never knew how special front row could be until the snow started, the snow was falling on us in the front row and it was too much magic I immediately started to cry. There is something about the magic that Disney brings with them everywhere that really can get you right in the feels and I loved every moment of it. Being a “Disney Adult” I have grown up, soaked up and loved on Disney my whole life and I see no end in sight. Each time I am transported to those happy moments throughout my childhood, most of which are Disney centered.

The Disney on Ice show this year is something else. Every year they wow me with something new and this year was no exception. There were fireworks, fire on the ice, bikes on the ice, cars on the ice, aerial silks and skaters flying through the sky. This show has it all for every Disney fan of any age. I couldn’t get enough and I have millions of photos and videos to show for it this year that’s for sure!

On until the 27th this magic filled show is definitely something you will want to share with your Disney loving families. See your favorite characters, enjoy the amazing stunts and performances and don’t forget to sing and dance along with everyone! For more information on how you can get tickets head HERE before they’re sold out!

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